HERO CAT AMA 2-1-2022

First of all, players who want to play in HEROCAT Open Beta need to buy MUMU or TOTO. You can regard these mining pets on our official website as the tickets for our Open Beta. But I have to say that MUMU is valuable and MUMU will be very useful in the future. I will explain it in detail later.

Introduction of our in-game sectors


When players enter the game, there is a pop-up window that asks players to purchase the HERO CHESTS. It is necessary as the Hero Cats are the basis of our dungeon system. Players can get random NFT heroes from the Chests and buy 5 Heroes to build a squad. The Hero Cats that are not used on our battlefield could be used to summon or merge heroes. We should choose the hero to upgrade, according to their quality. There are two dimensions to distinguish the quality of heroes - the rarity and sacred. The quality of legendary is better than epic, epic than rare, rare than normal. The possibility is very low to get epic or legendary, therefore, most of our players get rare. The “sacred hero cats” could be any quality. The sacred heroes have better attributes than those hero cats that are not sacred.

Hero cats are upgraded by feeding them with the food that players purchase. Rank up and merging is advanced upgrading strategies, so we don’t explain them here. Please check out our official white paper and there are very detailed guides about rank up and hero merge there.

As all hero cats are NFTs, so they can be traded when we launch the NFT exchange market. In addition, we recommend you buy hero cats and improve your hero squad when the Dual Mining Bonus Event is still live.

Clearing stages

The total combat power of the hero cats that you put on the battlefield is the most important factor to measure your power. Our cats will automatically challenge the higher phase until they failed in the battle due to the combat power. They will automatically be back to the last phase (stage) that was successfully challenged and gained resources there. The phase with bosses cannot be repeatedly challenged. We recommend our players clear higher phases as they will give you more tokens. So you can use them to purchase food and improve your combat power. In all, the clearing stage system is all about improving your squad and clearing higher phases/stages.

We have embedded leader-boards in our game, including total combat ranking, HCT consumption ranking, and PVP arena ranking. Your rank will be higher when your squad has higher combat power. So you can gain more rewards. There are hundreds of thousands of our players hitting the leaderboards.

PVP System:

We have a PVP ranking which is based on the rank of players in the PVP Arena. You could enter the arena by clicking the button on the left bottom of the interface. There are three free attempts for players to challenge other players. Of course, you can get extra attempts by using your tokens. The higher your rank is, the more rewards you get. I have a look at the PVP ranking, the competition is fierce and the ranks kept changing. We are very excited to see who will be the king in our Arena!


There is a Fragment Zone above the arena. In this sector, players can get random hero cat fragments when they successfully clear the stages. There are 3 levels of difficulties, easy, normal, and difficult. Merge one specific hero cat fragment, with universal fragments, can get you an NFT hero cat. A normal hero cat needs 30 fragments, while the rare one needs 40 fragments. If you have been following us for a long time, you must know that we have launched several events that rewarded HCK for winners to open Treasure Chests. One of the rewards in these events is a universal fragment. Owning more hero cats by merging can help you proceed faster in our game, as there is a daily limit on the purchase of HERO CHESTs.


Players have one attempt to register for world boss. The world boss will be open at 0 am, 8 am, 4 pm (EST) every day. The upper limit of players in world boss is 1,000. Personally speaking, I recommend those players who have higher combat powers to challenge the world boss every day, so these players can earn abundant rewards at a very low cost. The rewards are based on ranking. In addition, we also have lucky rewards for the last hit to the boss. You definitely should try!


For your convenience, there are offline cards and auto-merge cards in our shop. The auto-merge card is used for merging and upgrading the food, while the offline card is used for automatically clearing the stages when you are offline. 24-hour clearing stages enable you to earn the most resources. I believe everyone needs this card to help you upgrade your heroes.

Super Mining:

Before the guild system was opened, the most important sector in our game is super mining. Same as the battlefield mode, there is a miner cat squad in super mining. You can use 5 miner cats at most. It is almost the same as the hero cat squad, in which you need to upgrade and rank up cats to increase your hash power. Many people did not understand how to play in super mining. Actually, it is not that complicated. The system of super mining is quite similar to the system of MUMU. The higher the hash power is, the higher the rewards will be, especially during our dual mining bonus event when all investments have a relatively higher ROI. You can get tokens 24 hours if you optimize your miner cat squad and buy the offline card. The max level that players can upgrade daily is 200. No matter you choose to upgrade one miner cat or distribute the available level to five cats, the 200 limit is still effective. I am very confident about the ROI of our super miner cats. So, pay attention to it!


Finally, let me make some explanations about our tokens. Many new players are confused. HCT is the key token in HEROCAT GAMEFI, no matter in-game or in our mining pool on our website. Under the idea of P2E, what we pursue is to increase our assets through the gain of HCT. You can get more output of HCT if you consume more and increase your weight on the mining pool. Currently, there are several ways to consume HCT, for example, purchasing hero cats using the combo payment plan, purchasing super miner cats, and upgrading super miner cats, etc. Also, summoning heroes, ranking up heroes, and clearing phases in the dungeon also consume a small amount of HCT. Honestly speaking, I recommend you to pay more attention to super mining.

HCG: Players can get HCG only by clearing the stages. Currently, the upgrading of hero cats consumes tons of HCG, so it is very important. Also, the HCG is also used in hero cats, super miner cats, dungeon, and the world boss. It is an important resource for increasing your hash power and combat power.

HCU: Players can get HCU from completing the main mission, super mining, and ranking rewards. In the future, HCU can be used to exchange USDT with a ratio of 1:1. Also, the rank-up of hero cats and super miner cats, hero summon, and merging heroes also consume a small amount of HCU. The application of HCU will be extended. Please stay tuned.

BTW, many people asked what HCK is. Actually, HCK is a token that is used to reward those players who participate in our official events. It is a key that can open the treasure chests on our official website. The treasure chests are valuable, players can get more information about treasure chests on our official website.

Part 2: The statistics about Open Beta

Here, I want to show you the game statistic since the launch day. Before launch, HEROCAT GAMEFI has made some achievements and lived up to the expectations of players. I am very confident to tell you that the statistic about our Open Beta is terrific and amazing. I felt so grateful when my team member gave me the statistics.

So far, there have been more than 33,612 active users playing in our Open Beta. There were 42,900 hero cats and 30,600 super miner cats in our community since launch. The HCT that is issued exceeded 33.8 million, and the burned HCT exceeded 34.1 million.

I hope the numbers will give you more confidence in our project. Here, I want to thank all players who participate in our games on behalf of the HEROCAT team. This is exciting, though it is far from perfect. It is your enthusiasm and your support that gives us the great power and motivation to work and to progress. I believe that HEROCAT can be developed sustainably. Instead of comparing with other projects, we are sure that we will continue to work harder to push ourselves. We will not let our players down.

Part 3:(Key Updates in 2022 Q1)

Here comes the most important part of this AMA. I am going to introduce some key functions that will be live in 2022Q1. The function that I do not mention here will also be launched, but we just elaborate on some functions today. Please keep following the latest official announcement.

Burned 90 billion HCT

The original total volume of HCT is 100 billion when HEROCAT GAMEFI was launched. After discussion with our members, we decided to burn 90 billion HCT directly. Through the improvement of the burn mechanism, the issue volume of HCT will change from 100 billion to 10 billion. Parts of HCTs consumed in our game will be burned directly, while the rest will go into the circulating mining pool. For more details, please check out our white paper and we will illustrate it later.

DEFI Introduction

I don’t know how many of you have participated in our last AMA. Do you guys remember that we are going to launch an innovative DEFI function in 2022Q1? Finally, we can unveil some content to you!

Why is HEROCAT DEFI unique? Take other DEFI programs as an example, players use the project tokens and stable coins to stake “LP”, to earn project tokens as rewards. The ROI is different in different models. Although the rules are different in different projects, one thing remains similar. That is the fixed rewards that players can receive and the “open-to-all” mode.

What we are going to do is to change the rigid mode of DEFI. Today, I am going to introduce only one key point about our DEFI.

We introduce the “share” mode in our DEFI program, which means there is a barrier to entry. This is why HEROCAT DEFI is attractive. There are three mining fields in HEROCAT DEFI which are bound with our game.

The mining field A is related to the levels of mining pets. A lot of players asked the same question, “When will the team extend the application of MUMU and TOTO” Here it comes! We limited the share that players can stake in mining field A, based on the levels of mining pets. The higher the level of mining pet is, the larger the share will be. Vice versa.

The mining field B is related to combat power. The share in mining field B will be determined by the combat power of your hero squad. The higher the combat power is, the larger the share will be. Vice versa.

The mining field C will be influenced by your hash power. The stake share in mining field C will be influenced by the Super Miner Cat squad. The higher the hash power is, the larger the share will be. Vice versa.

And we also have a mining field D. The total stake volume is the same in the 4 mining fields, and all of them have limits. So temporarily, we will define the mining field D as a lucky mining field, which is open to all and the entry is determined by drawing lots. Of course, the competition will be fierce.

In conclusion, those I mentioned above are the uniqueness of HEROCAT DEFI. We will unveil more information later. We spend a lot of time on designing this sector, in order to make some difference on the current GAMEFI DEFI. The “mine - withdraw - sell” model is extremely unhealthy. Those users who act like that are not welcomed. Therefore, the in-depth participation in our game and the stable price of HCT is the premise of our DEFI. As long as the HCT price rises steadily, players who have a share of "DEFI" can get rich returns.

About Staking

In addition to our DEFI3.0, we are also launching another staking sector, which will further increase the value of HCT. By staking your HCT for a certain time, you can get a lot of items and the lottery code. More details will be revealed when the function is available. I could unveil some rewards here. The rewards include the HCG, hero cat fragments, food for super miner cats, beast fragments, the material needed in beast upgrading, hero chests, super miner chests, hero cat with high quality, etc. I cant wait to see it.


I know many people will have the same problem. “What should I do if I have no more hero cats to rank up my heroes” “why I cannot get the hero cat that I like.”

We are going to solve this problem by launching an NFT HERO AUCTION. What I can tell you here is that players will be able to participate in the auction of rare, epic, and even legendary hero cats. Some auctions will be held every day, and some will be held every week, while some of them will be held every month. The auction is transparent and public. You can definitely form your dream squad by participating in the auction.

The last thing that we are going to update is to change the payment of food that is used to feed hero cats. It will be changed to an HCT combo payment, which will increase HCT consumption. So please gain as much HCT as possible during our dual mining bonus event.

Treasure Cat

The Treasure Cat is a mining pet that can be used to mine HCK. Players are eligible for Treasure Cat when their MUMU and TOTO reach a certain level. The Treasure CAT can only be upgraded by HCT, the maximum level is 1500. At the same time, the level of MUMU and TOTO will give a 50% bonus to the level of Treasure Cat. For example, when Mumu and Toto reach lv.1000, the bonus to the level of Treasure Cat will be lv500. For more information, please check out our official whitepaper.

At the same time! To celebrate the success of this AMA and the launch of our Open Beta, as well as the New Year, we decided to open our buyback program with 0.2 USDT again!!! The HCT in this buyback program will also be added to the Pancake Swap liquidity pool. Please check out our official website for the opening of our buyback program!

That’s all for today’s AMA. There is a lot of important information, please take it seriously. We always stick to our roadmap and provide players with a better experience.

Thank you so much again for your support. Open Beta is just a start, and we will create more innovative modes for you to explore. We are working on evolving the HEROCAT GAMEFI into HEROCAT METAVERSE, and your support means a lot to us.

Now, the nft hero chest lottery begins! From now on to 15 mins later, players who are online in our game will be able to participate in our lottery. The lucky winner can get a hero chest. The winner will be announced in 15 mins, and the rewards will be sent within 24 hours.

Finally, the reason for the lag or reloading is that we are continuously updating our side chain. The side chain is beneficial for the development of our project and our metaverse. The side chain is developed jointly with many project teams. But I cannot unveil too much here today. We will keep optimizing our system, in order to provide our players with better experiences!

Happy New Year! Wish you all the best in 2022, and see you in our next AMA.

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