Dear HEROCAT GAMEFI Community member,

Hi, everyone. First of all, we want to thank you all for being here, and for your time participating in our first AMA. It is our great pleasure to meet you guys here. In today’s AMA, basically, we are going to introduce the background of our project and our future plan. This AMA might last about 45 minutes and I believe that this AMA will help you guys better understand HEROCAT GAMEFI. Keep listening if you are interested in our project.

Brief Introduction of Our Team

There are a lot of rumors about our team on the Internet. Some people keep talking about which company we are working for, and where we come from. Please, DO NOT TRUST any of them. We have never shared our team information on any official platforms. However, today, I can briefly introduce you to some information about our team.

HEROCAT GAMEFI is an anonymous game R&D and operation team with members coming from all across the globe and sharing a strong consensus. We are devoted to integrating blockchain technology with games. In other words, our team handles all the development processes of HEROCAT and projects that are going to be launched in the future. There are two main sectors in our team. One is responsible for blockchain technologies, and the other focuses on game design and development. We have done a lot of in-depth research on blockchain and games, and we have a strong passion for them.

Brief Introduction of the Game Sectors of Our Team

From PC games to mobile games, team members in the game sector have more than 10 years of R&D and operation experience. They have developed more than 30 games, mainly including MMO, RPG, FPS, MOBA, AR Game, TCG, and idle games.

Brief Introduction of the Blockchain Sectors of Our Team

In terms of the blockchain sector, most of our team members entered the digital currency industry in 2012. They witnessed the surge of blockchain. In the beginning, the BTC only values dozens of dollars, and there are only BTC and LTC in the market. At that time, our team members have started to research it. Some of them are also the victims of the MTGOX incident. In the past 9 years, the blockchain team has focused on the research and development of blockchain quantitative transactions, blockchain technology, AI algorithms, big data analysis, blockchain economic models, and public chains.

Our mission is to create a consensus metaverse that is of strong engagement with our community members. This community is for every individual who engages in our community, rather than for a specific person or an organization. Thus, our team did not and will not pre-occupy any proportions of the community properties, but we also participate in mining. The development of our community and the game relies on the efforts that are made by every community member.

Background Information of Our Project

So, why do we choose to develop a blockchain game? First of all, our team has been working in the blockchain industry for a long time, and we all believe that there is an absolute advantage of the integration of blockchain, game, and finance. Their characteristics are perfectly connected and matched. What we want to do, is to integrate the finance, game, and blockchain industry, and reshape the value system of games. We are focusing on solving the problem that gamers face at this time. Such as the negligence of game statistics, and the value of them. We want to create a game that can have a win-win outcome with high engagement.

Traditional games have several drawbacks

1.Players’ Right Has No Protection. Low Value of Game Data

As you know, most items cannot be traded in traditional games. However, players spend a lot of time and money on them. Therefore, the items that they bought and the items that they earned in the games should have commercial values. Besides, almost all games have life cycles, which means the users can have nothing but only happy memories when the game stops operating. So, the time and money spent on virtual properties have no protection. Even though there are third-party exchange platforms, most of the platforms are separated from the game system, and the transaction costs are very high, which makes the exchange hard to complete. Conflicts often occur during the exchange. And finally, players have to sell their accounts or items at a very low price to other players.

2.Players encounter such problems when playing traditional games. The game makers’ data is not transparent, advertising fraud, data fraud, etc. Users need to constantly try new games, wasting money and time. However, traditional games are often very centralized. Everything that players create in the game does not belong to them. Although we can log in to the account to see the achievement, in essence, the ownership of the account belongs to the official. Players take the risk that their accounts might be reset or even blocked,

One of the most unfair features of traditional games is the prohibition of free trading of items and game assets that players had. There is no actual return for players’ contributions without a transparent economic model. Blockchain games completely change this current situation. Players can have the right to their accounts. All investment and input can be converted into assets, which can be traded, value-added, inherited, and even donated.


Our team started planning the blueprint of blockchain games as early as 5 years ago. At that time, given various factors and the incomplete blockchain infrastructure, we can just keep tracking the development of this market. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries were locked down, and the unemployment rate increased rapidly. This has promoted the rapid growth of the entire blockchain game and online network applications spawned several blockchain games in a short period of time, and derived the concept of "PLAY2EARN". In fact, we believe that this reflects the new lifestyle of people, so we started this program, with the hope that a team with professional skills and strong passion will bring more possibility to this industry. So, HEROCAT is created at the beginning of 2021, and the closed beta opened in September.

The project team adopted innovative technology and economic models to deeply integrate the three major sectors of the game system, financial system, and blockchain system, in order to build brand-new gameplay and create a game system with appreciable value. We hope our project develops sustainably. The long-term development of the community and the game need the entries of new players. In addition to guaranteeing the interests of loyal members that join us earlier, we must also consider the benefits of new members. Therefore, we developed an AI algorithm to support a new economic system, Under this algorithm, the number of HERO CAT MINING PET in the community, the number of HCT burned, the hash power of the community network, and the price of HCT will affect the output of HCT in every new mining block. This AI algorithm is for the better development of the community and the game. We believe that the sustainable community and game need the contribution from all of you.

Of course, there are a lot of new members who cannot understand our AI algorithm, and we keep reminding members of the risks of the investment. Before you join us, please ensure that you understand our project clearly. We do not need a lot of people to understand our project right now, but we are keeping creating values and making progress step by step. We believe that more people will join our community spontaneously in the future. We prefer members who can have a consensus with the community. High efficiency and responsive execution is our promise to the community. We believe that this community is going to be better through the efforts made by everyone.


Everyone who participated in the AMA today is the first batch of HEROCAT players. I would like to thank you again for your support of the project. With the efforts made by you guys, Herocat has got positive feedbacks and achievements in a short period.

1. Herocat ranked top 10 in Dappradar BSC GameFi, and Herocat is the only game that has not launched open beta in the ranking list.

2. Herocat GameFi has successfully registered in the Binance MVB4 Competition.

3. The buyback of 20 million HCT was done and our team has spent 4 million USDT on the buyback program. We made a liquidity pool in pancake swap, with 20 million HCT and 4 million USDT. The liquidity pool values 8 million BUSD.

4. HEROCAT has more than 90k players, with 50k active users.

HEROCATGAMEFI is a blockchain game project with strong consensus. We have never thought of relying on a lot of propaganda to hype this project, and we do not want to see an erratic fluctuation of our tokens. We only hope that, through joint construction with our players, the program can give players sustainable profits and an amazing game experience, and the project can become a reliable member in the metaverse in the near future.

Future Plan

The HEROCATGAMFI project is more than business. We are more willing to focus on quality and technology in the early stage of our project so that players have a lower barrier to entry and a better user experience. Now HEROCATGAMFI develops step by step, based on our roadmap. 2021 is about to end, at the end of this year HEROCAT GAMEFI is starting to go open beta. Here, we would like to share our plans for 2021 Q4 and 2022 Q1.

Plan for 2021Q4Partial Planning for 2022Q1

Upcoming Christmas Event

Partial Planning for 2022Q1

Guild System has been launched.

List in Top DEX

Upcoming batch management tool for min

List on Top Exchanges

Open beta is going to be launched on December 28th.

Continuous development of side chain

Upcoming DEFI 3.0

We collected some questions from different official groups that players are most concerned about. Now, we are going to answer those questions one by one.

1.Why are we getting low on mining pets in the game?

(1)The output of HCT is influenced by the number of HEROCAT MINING PET, the number of burned HCT, the total hash power, and the price of HCT. All of these factors influence the output of a new mining block.

(2)Our open beta is going to be launched this month. A lot of members choose not to upgrade their mining pet, but save HCT for playing the game. So, the number of burned HCT decreases, which results in a decrease in the output of HCT. This is the same as deflation.

(3)Some users do not upgrade their mining pets, so their hash power is not as high as others, It is natural that their output decrease because other users who upgrade their mining pets burn their HCT and make a contribution to the community. So, it is natural for those users to have a higher output. Of course, users are free to choose if they upgrade the mining pets or not. Users can either spend more time mining or keep upgrading to gain HCT. If you have played any blockchain games, you know that when other people keep upgrading, and you don’t, it is normal for you to have a lower output. Less input, less output. The mining of ETH and BTC also follows the same rule. When a lot of people increase their hashrate and you choose not to increase, you get a lower output. The costs of mining will be higher if more people participate in mining. Even when the price of BTC and ETH is good, it takes 6-12 months for the investors to cover their costs.

(4)The goal of the AI algorithm applied in HEROCAT is to remain the sustainability of the community and the game. More HCT will be burned if more new players come in. The economic model is relatively balanced due to many factors. Unlike other projects, which costs the new players higher costs and have a high barrier of entry, our project follows our primary goal of sustainable development. When there are more new players, the community develops faster, and all players can get a higher output of mining. Vice versa. Therefore, we highly recommend you to fully understand our project and our rule, before you decide to join us.

2.When can we receive the items that we earned in the treasure chest?

The items will be sent to your account on the day of open beta.

3.When does the invitation event end?

We will not end the invitation mechanism because the development of our community and our game needs new members to come in. The purpose of the invitation is to encourage our old members to invite new members and give them guidance, so they can earn rewards. Please do not take our invitation mechanism as a bad thing. All KOL and those inviters spent their time writing articles, making game videos, and game hints. They made their efforts and they should be rewarded, This mechanism is open to everyone. You can also earn rewards by making videos, and inviting other people to join us.

4.I just started playing this game a few days ago and I bought my cat. Given the low output, should I keep upgrading my cat?

In accordance with our algorithm, keeping upgrading and reaching the highest level is the best option. Because when you reach the highest level, you do not need to upgrade anymore, but you can just focus on mining HCT. With the development of our community, the HCT output will be higher. Of course, you are the decision-maker and you can choose your own path based on your situation.

5.I heard that HEROCAT is going to build a partnership with MOBOX, is this true?

Yes, we do have built a partnership with MOBOX and we will jointly launch some events in the near future. Meanwhile, we also have built partnerships with NFTMAKE, TOKEN POCKET, and other outstanding teams and projects. We are going to cooperate with more projects in the near future.

Thanks for your support! Here comes the end of this AMA. Please keep following our official announcements.



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