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Greetings! Thank you for being here and joining our 4th official AMA. Without further ado, our AMA is mainly divided into two parts:

1. What are the things that have not been completed at the end of Q1 and need to be completed as soon as possible in early Q2?

2. The updates in Q2.

Through this AMA, Team Herocat wants to unveil more future plans about our platform. In order to have a stronger consensus, we are devoted to making our communication better and deeper by holding AMA more frequently.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for joining our AMA. The duration of this AMA is about 35 mins. We want to convey information in a brief and efficient way, while I have to emphasize that this AMA is very important for our community. So please be careful and make sure that you have read all the contents. Or you can check out our whitepaper, we will post a transcript later. In addition, please be cautious and please report if you find that some individuals or communities maliciously tamper or make up our AMA content to scam innocent players.

1. What are the things that have not been completed at the end of Q1 and need to be completed as soon as possible in early Q2?

A: I believe that it is one of the questions that our players are most concerned and it is the question that we have to give you an answer to in this AMA – Can Herocat be listed on exchanges in Q1?

Here, I am sorry to tell you that the plan on top exchange listing is postponed from Q1 to Q2. There are a lot of players in our official groups who have forecasted this before. As our team has not given any explanations before, I totally understand that some players are very disappointed right now. So, I am going to elaborate on the reasons why Herocat Token cannot be listed on the top exchange in Q1 from several aspects to show our motives and help our players understand why this plan was postponed.

Q: Why did our team never say something concrete about the progress of listing?

A: Honestly speaking, we did not deliberately conceal the relevant progress. In order to protect the interests of all parties and not to violate the relevant confidential agreement, we could not make related parts public. On the other hand, we clearly know that progress is not the part that our players are most concerned about. What players desire to know is whether Herocat can be listed on the top exchange or not. Here, I want to highlight one thing: Herocat has met all the necessary requirements of listing on the top exchange, and there are no barriers that cannot be overcome. Thus, it is just a matter of “when”.

Q: How can our players assure that Team Herocat is working hard to be listed on top exchanges?

A: To answer these questions, I will explain our reason from both subjective and objective perspectives.

Subjectively, Team Herocat must work on top exchange listing. Compared with other projects that were launched in the same period, we have laid a relatively solid foundation (as you can see). Top exchange listing will definitely help Herocat reach a higher place. Please note that Team Herocat desires it as same as all our players. Moreover, being listed on top exchanges also plays an important role in building a stable ecosystem. Thus, we will absolutely make 100% effort for that.

Although I cannot unveil too much due to the confidential agreements, I believe that many players have noticed the updates recently. For example, the synchronization of our in-game heroes, the up of rank of Herocat on Dappradar, the upcoming blind box event that Herocat collaborates with an exchange, and the participation of MVB4. Although we did not make announcements every second, players should know why we are doing these things.

Q: Can you elaborate more on the significance of being listed on the top exchange.

A: I believe that the purpose of AMA is to help our players know what Team Herocat is doing so that we can reach an agreement. Top exchange listing is not our final goal, it is a brand-new start of the next chapter. It can improve the core value of our game and give great support to our next move. Listing is important, and it should be achieved at the right time. Considering the instability of the whole world and the crypto industry, and the overall decline of GameFi, it is not the right time. We do not want our players to take such high risks.

I hope you can understand why our team postpones the listing after reading the Q&A above. Even though it is put off, it is still one of our priorities in early Q2. To conclude this part, British poet Siegfried Sassoon said in his In Me, Past, Present, Future Meet, and I quote, In me, the tiger sniffs the rose.

In terms of the Treasure Cat and Official NFT Auction.

Right now, these two features are being tested with all of their features completed. To avoid any uncertainty and possible mistakes, we would like to spend more time on testing in order to provide a better experience. As the empowerment of mining pet MUMU and TOTO, Many players have high expectations of our Treasure Cat. Many players in our groups have been asking our admins when it will be launched. I believe this will be launched in our next update.

About the Official NFT auction, it is different from the NFT marketplace. The NFT auction is the trade between Herocat Official and players, while the NFT marketplace is peer-to-peer. The HCT used in the NFT auction will be burned after the transaction is completed. Meanwhile, the synchronization of in-game heroes, the NFT auction, and the NFT marketplace all signal that the way to obtain an NFT hero will change dramatically in Q2.

2. The updates in Q2

A. Guild

With the launch of the guild system, the three major game features of the first stage of Herocat will be completed. Players can explore the guild system right now in our closed beta and there are a lot of related tutorials posted on the Internet, so I will not repeat them here. What I want to address here is that players should not be hindered by the data that used for testing. When the guild system is officially launched, there will be something new and surprising. However, the basic logic remains the same. One thing I can share right now is that no USDT will be charged in our guild system. Instead, HCT and HCU will be the only tokens needed. Therefore, players who lack HCT and HCU can make their strategies in advance.

The guild system that players can experience in our closed beta is only one part of the whole system. We will launch guild 2.0 if guild 1.0 works well. Guild arena and wild mining pools will be opened in our guild 2.0. Herocat is creating its own Law of the Jungle and we wish it could be positive. Guilds of different sizes have their own missions. Whether it is to develop secretly or aggressively, players have the right to decide.

Please note that it is not allowed to recruit members for guilds in any official TG groups and please make decisions wisely. The purpose of the guild system is to help players find the teams that fit them best. Belongingness matters. An unstable relationship will ultimately hurt players themselves.

B. NFT marketplace

The synchronization of NFT heroes is launched on March 5th. Many players regarded it as the preview of the launch of the marketplace. All synchronized NFT heroes can be traded in the future, and they are the assets of our players. As we have mentioned above, the way to obtain an NFT hero will dramatically change. So players can make their strategies carefully in advance. In addition to NFT heroes, most of the resources in our game will be able to trade. With the development of our game, the resources are as important as NFT. Some new resources will also be updated and the marketplace will be launched in Q2.

C. Pal farm

The referral system plays an important role in the early stage of our project. However, we believe that it should be more dynamic with the development of our game. Right now, the initial referral system is simple, but not interactive enough. So we want to re-construct it to create a win-win pal farm system. Under this mechanism, both players themselves and the referred friends will earn rewards by participating in our game. I believe that this update is reasonable and inspiring. It is consistent with our primary goal that everyone can participate in the construction of our cat metaverse.

D. Binance blind box event

Before the end of our AMA, I want to share some exciting news.

Team Herocat is going to create a series of NFT heroes for Binance. Although I cannot unveil too much, there are two things that I can tell here:

1) The event will be launched on Binance Marketplace and Mystery Box

2) The event will be launched around mid-April

This event means a lot to our project. Please follow our official announcement for the updated information. Let’s work together to show our strength.


Here comes the end of our 4th AMA, thank you so much for joining us. We will post a pop quiz later. Among those who get a 10/10, 20 winners will be selected, and the rewards will be airdropped to corresponding accounts. The time limit of the quiz is 10 mins. Overdue submission will be invalid.

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