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Christmas Invitation Reward Upgrade

Dear community members.
Hello everyone, HERO CAT GAMEFI Christmas Party will be giving away rare NFT heroes to celebrate Christmas with you. The original invitation reward activity is now updated to "Christmas Invitation Reward Upgrade". In addition to the HCT and HCK, the invitation rewards will now include an additional reward for opening the "Christmas Chest", which will give you lottery tickets to randomly draw rare, epic and legendary heroes.
【Event Theme】: Christmas Invitation Reward Upgrade
【Event time】:2021-12-23 until the end of the official notice. *This event is based on EST time.
【Activity Participation】Links
【Activity Rewards】:The following Rewards are randomly drawn to obtain
NFT hero: legendary - Holy - octopus cat (lottery code exchange, limited to 1)
NFT hero: epic - Holy - random (lottery code exchange, limited to 10)
NFT Hero: Rare - Holy - random (lottery code exchange, limited to 200)
Game items: super mining cat random treasure chests
Game items: blind beast chests, beast fragment
Game items: epic hero fragments (random)
Game items: replica general admission ticket
【Reward release】.
lottery code: will be announced on January 20, 2022 lottery results, obtained heroes, sent to the account within 3 business days
Game items: Auto-synthesis weekly card, super mine cats, epic hero cat pieces
Will be sent to the account within 1 working day after the game is officially launched.
Game items: Beast Fragment, Beast Blind chests
After the guild function is launched, the rewards will be released immediately and all winning players will be reimbursed within the same day.
HCK earned from opening treasure chests
The HCK obtained from opening the treasure chest will be released to the winning player's drop address on a weekly basis.
【Drawing Method】.
Step 1: Invite friends and get 200HCT
Step 2: Get 1 chance to open the mysterious treasure chest
Step 3: Go to the official website or APP, "Christmas Invitation Reward Upgrade".
Step 4:Consume 1 time to open the treasure chest to open the treasure chest
Step 5:Get "Lucky Draw Code" and random items
Step 6: Wait for the Reward to be drawn (the result of the "Lucky Draw" will be announced on January 20, 2022)
“HCK" and "Christmas chests" open times Get details
Invite friends to get HCT bonus, for every 100 HCT bonus, you will get 1 HCK.
Invite friends to get HCT bonus, for every 200HCT, you will get 2HCK, and you will get 1 time to open "Christmas chests".
If you invite your friends to get HCT bonus, you will be triggered to get 5 extra times to open the "Christmas chests".
1,000HCT, 1 additional chance
2000HCT, 1 additional chance
3000HCT, 1 additional chance
4000HCT, 1 additional chance
5000HCT, 1 additional chance
There is no limit to the number of chances the "HCK" and "Christmas chests" can be opened before the end of the event, but if the number is less than 100HCT or 200HCT, the bonus will not be counted. Example: If you get 1880HCT from the Invite Friends system, you will get 18 HCKs and 9+1 times of opening the "Christmas chests".
【HCK Claim】
Step 1:App or official website
Step 2:Set up the airdrop address
Step 3:Bind the BSC decentralized wallet
Step 4:Wait for the release of HCK (release airdrop by periods)
【HCK description】.
HCK is called Hero Cat Key, HCK is a universal key that can open various treasure chests. For example, Treasure Chest A can be opened with 1 HCK, while Treasure Chest B can be opened with 2 HCKs.
2、The obtained HCK can participate in the official HCK buyback, HCK is worth 2USDT a hand, and can also be traded freely through DEX.
3、This activity HCK (Hero Cat Key) is valid for a long time.
4, HERO CAT KEY contract address: 0x032A4E59387e08443Cf1df662141da09c31ceFa1
【Event Description】.
This event is communicated through the official Telegram group, Twitter synchronized to share information, please search [@HeroCatGameFi].
The final explanation of this event belongs to Hero Cat Gamefi