🔑Give away 600 HERO KEY(Finished)

Legendary Sacred Heroes (NFT), hero pieces, game props, etc. are waiting for you to open

To celebrate HERO CAT GAMEFI registered users exceeding 800,000, we will give away 600 HERO KEY to everyone for free. Legendary Sacred Heroes (NFT), hero pieces, game props, etc. are waiting for you to open. Come and get the HERO KEY to open the green chest to get the great rewards.

【Event time】

Event Time: 2021-10-6 to 2021-10-11

Lottery Time: 2021-10-12

Lottery Results Time: 2021-10-13

Airdrop Time: Within 7 business days after the event.

*This event is based on the EST standard time

【Participation rules】

Step 1

1. Follow the official Twitter (@HeroCatGameFi)

2. Like the pinned tweet.

3. Comment on the tweet and leave your UID and BSC chain wallet address.

Step 2.

1. Quote and retweet the pinned tweet, write a celebratory message for HERO CAT and @ 2 friends or VIPs.

【Lottery rules】

1. Only 200 winners will be listed can get the Hero Keys through the lottery, each winner can get 3 keys.

2. This event will be airdropped directly to the winner's registered BSC chain wallet address below the tweet.

3. 1 UID number, only 1 wallet address can be bound

【Description of treasure chests】

1. Every Green Treasure Chest needed 3 keys to open.

2. The rewards will be randomly distributed, like NFT Heroes, props, and pieces of heroes, etc.

4. Website to open the treasure chests: https://www.herocat.io/activityList

【BSC Chain Setting Tutorial】

This airdrop must be bound with BSC chain wallet address, set up tutorial is below:


【Event Description】

1. All rewards will be automatically sent to the winner's account when the Hero Cat game is officially live.

2. This activity is through the official Telegram group for communication, Twitter synchronization to send information, please search [hero cat gamefi].

3. The final explanation of this event belongs to Hero Cat Gamefi

Telegram official chat (English): https://t.me/herocatgamefi

Telegram official chat (Chinese ): https://t.me/herocatgameficn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeroCatGameFi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/herocatgamefiio

Discord: https://discord.gg/bNsRyEF2Fz

【About Us】

Official website: https://herocat.io/

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