Closed beta game V1.0 (Finished)

The closed beta game is coming
Dear Hero Cat community, HERO CAT is set to launch a closed beta game for exclusive community members only. The closed beta game will only be available to those who own a HERO CAT Mining Pet. Owners can log in directly to the game.
Ready to fight.
【Note for the closed beta game】
  1. 1.
    The closed beta game is mainly to test all the functions of the game to ensure that players get a better game experience in the public test. After the end of the beta test, all the test data of the game will be uniformly deleted;
  2. 2.
    In order to allow players to get a better game experience, all the accounts that get the qualification of the closed beta game will get a certain amount of virtual currency for the beta game every day. These virtual currencies are only used as test data, not real currency, all data will be cleared after the end of the beta game.
Update the 2021-9-30