🟢Lucky box(Finished)

【Announcement: HERO CAT GAMEFI “Airdrop” key for lucky box 】

Dear Community members of HERO CAT, thank you so much for all the love!!! Now, claim your own airdropped benefits and open the green gem lucky box! You have a chance to get Epic Holy Hero and loads of other precious items. Come and see your fortune!


【Time】:2021-9-26 -2021-10-30 This event is based on the EST standard time

【Participants】:All HERO CAT registered users

【Reward】:HERO CAT KEY 3(For green gem lucky box)

【How to acquire】:You can acquire as long as you have MUMU or TOTO

【Event #2】:Invite friend to play

【Time】:2021-9-26 -2021-10-30 *This event is based on the EST standard time

【Qualification】:All HERO CAT registered users

【Reward】:HERO CAT KEY (For green gem lucky box)

【How to acquire】: Invite a friend to get 100 HCT and 1 HERO CAT KEY. The more you invite the more you get! For instance, if you invite 5 friends, you will get 500 HCT and 5HERO CAT KEYs.There is no limit to the total number of HERO KEYs awarded before the end of the event.

Example: If you receive 500 HCT from the Invite Friends, you will receive 5 HERO KEYs.

【About how to receive Keys】 Please visit the HERO CAT official website to connect with your decentralized wallet (Meta Mask). HERO KEY needs to be claimed by the user on the campaign page and transferred to the decentralized wallet address you linked to at the time.


【About Green Gem Box】 1、One Green Gem Box needs 3 keys to unlock. If you have more keys, you can unlock more boxes.

2、You have a chance to get Epic Holy Hero inside of the Green Gem Box

3、The rewards will be randomly distributed, like NFT Heroes, props, and pieces of heroes, etc.

【Event Description】:

  1. All rewards will be automatically sent to your account after the Hero Cat game is launched.

2. This activity is through the official Telegram group for communication, Twitter synchronization to send information, please search [hero cat gamefi].

3. This event and the HERO KEY and green gem treasure box are valid for a long time.

4. The final explanation of this event belongs to Hero Cat Gamefi

Updated on 10/01/2021

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