🔆HERO CAT Online benefits (Finished)

Hero Cat Game website is online now,

Hero Cat Game website is online now, We are supporting more than 1000 users online for each storyline. In this play to earn metaverse, you can fight, farm, mine NFT, and participate in battles. To celebrate the launch of the game, we are giving away NFTs that are worth12,000 USDT. Please follow our telegram [Hero Cat GameFi] to know more.

Mining Cat can dig HCT from the pool of Hero cat. You can use HCT to purchase, upgrade, and merge a Mining Cat. You can also use HCT to buy gems and debris.

DCAT is dedicated to provide an autonomous, effective, convenient, secure, transparent cryptocurrency platform. We will launch more services in the future, like Crypto finance, games, E-commerce, Live, and more. DOLLAR CAT is live now with half of a million users. Please follow our new Hero Cat Game and much more...

【Event Time】

Event time:13-9-2021 to 15-9-2021



*Event time is based on EST.


Every user of Dollar Cat /Hero cat can participate.

【First Event】

Invite your friends to Quote retweet

First Round We had prepared 60 Mining Cats for the users who Quote tweet our designated tweet on Twitter.

Quote tweeted Rules:

1. Follow us on Twitter(@HeroCatGameFi) and Like designated tweets.

2. Like designated tweet.

3. Quote tweeted our designated tweet, You have to keep the original text.

4. Content Quote tweeted must have QR code picture in it. You will receive an extra HCT for success invitation.

Draw Rules:

Part one: Random extraction award rules

1.First, you must follow Quote tweeted rules.

2. Quote tweeted and tag 3 friends and you get Qualify to join this part event.

3. This part rewards 40 mining cats, the cat is worth 200 USDT.

4. We will draw through the third-party software of HEYO.

Part two: Quote tweeted ranking award rules

1.First, you must follow Quote tweeted rules.

2. You have invited 10 friends to Quote tweeted in order to get into the rankings of this event.

3. This part rewards 20 mining cats, the cat worth 200 USDT.

4. Most invitations of Quote retweet No.1-20 to get mining cat, just get one mining cat per Twitter account.

【Event Details】

1. This event will be hosted on Telegram. Participant must give their account information and screenshot to the service support.

2. This event upholds fairness and just Please supervise us through the event.

3. Rewards will be paid by USDT to your account. The rewards will be distributed to the account of the winner in three business days.

4. USDT can only be used in the game. It cannot be withdrawn at the moment.

5. One user can only get one airdrop only. The repeated claim will be revoked. If the winner already has a mining cat, we will send the reward in our next NFT hero promotion.

6. The list of winners will be announced on Twitter and telegram.

7. Invitation Reward: Invite your friends to Consumption get 5%-10%HCT

8. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to the official team.


Telegram: Hero Cat GameFi

Facebook: Herocat Gamefi

Twitter: HeroCatGameFi


【About us】

Official Website:https://herocat.io/

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