🏰HCK is pleased to welcome the guild system will be tested soon(In Progress)

【HCK is pleased to welcome the guild system will be tested soon】

Dear Community Members:

In order to welcome this exciting moment, we will launch the "HCK welcome guild system will be tested soon " prize activity, the prizes are NFT epic heroes (Angel Cat, Nurse Cat), as well as hero treasure chests, fragments, idle reward cards and other prizes, hurry up to take it together!

【Activity theme】:HCK welcome the guild system will be tested soon!

【Event time】:2021-12-5 until the end of the official notice. *This event is based on EST time.

【Activity prizes】:

NFT hero: Epic - Holy- angel cat (only one lucky winner)

NFT hero: Epic - Holy- nurse cat (only one lucky winner)

Game props: Hero treasure chest

Game props: Fragments

Game props: Idle reward card

The above prizes are randomly obtained, of which only 2 lucky players can get NFT epic heroes through the lottery code.

【Prize Release】:

Will be automatically added to your account within 3 working days after the end of the event.

【Way to Win】:

Step 1: Participate in HCK related activities (Red treasure box, invite friends to get HCT, Twitter)

Step 2:Get HCK

Step 3: Official website or APP, "HCK welcome guild system will be tested soon".

Step 4:Consume 3 HCK to open the treasure chest

Step 5:Get "Lucky Lottery Code"

Step 6:Wait for the prize (prize will be opened before the end of the event)

【HCK Acquisition Details】

Details of the Red Box event: Click it

Invite friends to play HERO CAT to win HCK: Click it

Twitter retweets the event, details follow the official Twitter: @HeroCatGameFi

【HCK Cliam】

Step 1:App or official website

Step 2:Set the airdrop address

Step 3:Bind the BSC wallet address

Step 4:Wait for the release of HCK (release airdrop by batch)

【HCK Description】

HCK is called Hero Cat Key, HCK is a universal key that can open various treasure chests. For example, Treasure Chest A can be opened with 1 HCK, while Treasure Chest B can be opened with 2 HCKs.

2、The obtained HCK can participate in the official HCK buyback, HCK is worth 2USDT a hand, and can also be traded freely through DEX.

3、This activity HCK (Hero Cat Key) is valid for a long time.

4, HERO CAT KEY contract address: 0x032A4E59387e08443Cf1df662141da09c31ceFa1

5、HCK buyback: https://mobile.herocat.io/buybackHCK

【Event Description】

1, HCK open the treasure chest to get all the prizes will be Hero Cat game official public test within 3 working days automatically added to your account.

3、This activity is communicated through the official Telegram group, Twitter synchronization to send information, please search [@HeroCatGameFi].

4、The final right to explain this campaign belongs to Hero Cat Gamefi.



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