💱HCT Holding Lottery Event(In Progress)

Dear Community Members.

The HERO CAT community will only grow better and stronger with your support, and every bit of your support will be pooled into a strong force for the rapid development of the community. We hope to initiate the HCT Holders Lottery to encourage everyone to support together and lay a solid foundation for the future we are looking forward to, see you on the moon...

【Event Theme】:HCT Holding Lottery

【Activity Time】:2021-12-3 to 2021-12-4 *This activity is based on EST time standard.

【Open To The Crowd】:All HERO CAT registered users

【Prize Amount】:200 Winners

【Prize Quantity】:3 HCK/per prize

【Prize Acquisition Method】:

Step 1: Follow the tweet, and retweet the originial post.

Step 2: 2021-12-1 (EST time) in Pancake Swap to buy at least 500HCT or more quantity.

Step 3: Hold the corresponding amount of HCT bought for at least 48 hours.

Step 4: Registration Information for the Prize Draw (fill in HeroCat UID + BSC wallet address)

Fill in the form: Link

Twitter: Retweet

【HCK description】

1、HCK is called Hero Cat Key, HCK is a universal key that can open various treasure chests, the number of HCK required to open various treasure chests varies, for example, Treasure Chest A can be opened with 1 HCK, Treasure Chest B can be opened with 2 HCK.

2、The HCKs (Hero Cat Key) awarded in this event are valid for a long time.

3, HCK will be dropped in the form of a unified airdrop to the wallet address you registered in the registration site, if you fill in the wrong address will be lost, the prize will only be released once, and will not be repeatedly released.

Little Metamask wallet use tutorial: https://faqen.herocat.io/tutorial/metamask





【Activity Description】.

1、This activity draw will be arranged in 2021-12-6 (EST time) for the draw and public official announcement for that.

2, the number of participants in this activity is less than 200, then all the winners, if more than 200 people will be drawn to get the winning list.

3、The HCK of this activity will be unified airdrop to your registered wallet address within 7 working days after the announcement of the prize.

4、This activity through the official Telegram group for communication, Twitter synchronization to send information, please search [hero cat gamefi].

5、All prizes obtained by HCK will be automatically added to your account on the day of Hero Cat's official launch.

6、The final explanation of this activity belongs to Hero Cat Gamefi.



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