💥Inviting friends to play Hero Cat reward HCK activities(In progress)

[Inviting friends to play Hero Cat reward HCK activities]

Dear community members:

Hello, everyone, for celebrating the listing of HCK on DEX, and continuous support from the members of the HERO CAT community. We will launch a rewarding activity for the player inviting friends to play the Hero Cat with the HCK key. Using the HCK to open the ruby chests can also enter the lottery for the first legend or epic hero in the whole server.

[Activity Theme]: Inviting friends to play games

[Activity Time]: 8-11-2021 until the end of the official announcement. *This activity is based on EST time.

[Participants]: All registered users of HERO CAT.

[Activity Rewards]: HCK (Hero Cat Key)

[How to Acquire]: Inviting friends to receive HCT rewards and get 1 HCK for each 100 HCT corresponding to the system rewards. The more friends you invite, the more HCT and HCK rewards you will get. There are no limits on the cumulative rewards of HCK before the end of this activity. If the HCT rewards less than 100, the HCK will not be given.

For Example: If you get 1880HCT as the system reward for inviting friends, you will get 18 HCKs.

【About how to receive Keys】 Please visit the HERO CAT ruby chests activity website to connect with your decentralized wallet (Meta Mask). HCK needs to be claimed by the user on the campaign page and transferred to the decentralized wallet address you linked to at the time.

Key collection activity link: https://herocat.io/rubyChests

Metamask Wallet tutorial: https://faqsgp.herocat.io/tutorial/metamask

[HCK description]

1. The full name of HCK is Hero Cat Key. HCK is a universal key that can open various treasure chests. The number of HCK required to open various treasure chests is different. For example: Treasure Box A can be opened with 1 HCK, and Treasure Box B can be opened with 2 HCKs.

2. The obtained HCK can participate in the official HCK buyback activity. Each HCK is worth 2USDT in the official HCK buyback activity. Players can also wait for HCK to be listed on DEX and trade it freely in that time.

3. This activity HCK (Hero Cat Key) is valid for a long time.

【Event Description】:

1. The HCK rewards for this event will be issued once a week, and the HCK corresponding to every 100 HCT will be rewarded only once, and the HCT that has been rewarded will not be repeated count.

2.The invitation data for the HCK rewards will be counted start on 1th NOV.(based on EST time)

3.All rewards will be automatically sent to your account after the Hero Cat game is launched.

4. This activity is through the official Telegram group for communication, Twitter synchronization to send information, please search [hero cat gamefi].

5. The final explanation of this event belongs to Hero Cat Gamefi.



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