👬Witness Together(In progress)

HERO CAT GAMEFI and NFTMAKE formally established an in-depth cooperative relationship

To celebrate this historic moment, the "Witness Together" Twitter retweet activity is now launched, hurry up and leave your footprints and greet the brilliance together.

Rewards for this event: #210 HCK which have listed on DEXC, 210 winners

HCK: Open the red ruby chest to receive the gaming items, and you can also enter the lottery for the first legend and holy hero of the whole server

[Activity Time]: 2021-11-10 to 2021-11-17

Winner list time: 2021-11-18

Winner list official announcement time: 2021-11-18-2021-11-19

Airdrop time: within 7 working days after the event ends.

*Based on EST standard time in Eastern United States.

【Participation Rules】

first step:

1. Follow the official Twitter (@HeroCatGameFi)

2. Like the top tweet.

3. Comment and leave your UID and BSC chain wallet address in the top tweet.

The second step:

1. Quoting the tweets that have been forwarded to the top, the comments left for the cooperation between HERO CAT GAMEFI and NFTMAKE, and @ 2 friends or big V.

[Rules of lottery]

1.This 210 HCK will be obtained through a lottery, and each winner will get 1 HCK.

2..The official airdrop of this event will be directly send to the BSC chain wallet address registered by the winner

3. One UID number can only be bound to one wallet address.

[HCK description]

1. The full name of HCK is Hero Cat Key. HCK is a universal key that can open various treasure chests. The number of HCK required to open various treasure chests is different. For example: Treasure Box A can be opened with 1 HCK, and Treasure Box B can be opened with 2 HCKs.

2. The obtained HCK can participate in the official HCK buyback activity. Each HCK is worth 2USDT in the official HCK buyback activity. Players can also wait for HCK to be listed on DEX and trade it freely in that time.

3. This activity HCK (Hero Cat Key) is valid for a long time.

【Event Description】:

1. The HCK rewards for this event will be issued once a week, and the HCK corresponding to every 100 HCT will be rewarded only once, and the HCT that has been rewarded will not be repeated count.

2.All rewards will be automatically sent to your account after the Hero Cat game is launched.

3. This activity is through the official Telegram group for communication, Twitter synchronization to send information, please search [hero cat gamefi].

4. The final explanation of this event belongs to Hero Cat Gamefi.

NFTMAKE Homepage:http://www.nftmake.com

NFTMAKE Whitepaper:https://www.nft30.io/

Pancakeswap Trading address:Click to trade



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