20-12-2021-Update log

Dear HERO CAT Metaverse players,

Thank you for your support of the project, the development of the community and the game can not be separated from all community members, we work together to develop and grow, about the pre-public test warm-up marketing and cooperation announcement.

【Activity Purpose】:To strengthen the media, community, KOL, promotion cooperation, expand HEROCATGAMEFI popularity, introducing more market partners and new members of the community.

【Activity Time】:2021-11-26 to the end of the official announcement *This activity is based on the EST time.

【Activities】:Union of major media, community, KOL, etc... Promotion of HERO CAT GAMEFI

【Event Budget】:100,000 HCT (may increase or decrease according to actual situation)

Other Instructions:

1.This marketing activity wallet public address: 0x4CbE1673edf97Eb472B77886cf2D0061db34B6bF

2. HCT market wallet public address: 0x7a764623781746c4b8bb10e85f1d56bc8a9f7559

3. HCT MARKET for the marketing pool, each marketing needs to use HCT will be obtained in the market pool, the market pool is released by the total amount of HCT destroyed each day, the share is 5% of the destroyed HCT, such as the destruction of 1,000 HCT today, of which 950 will be directly destroyed, 50 will be transferred to the market pool, HCT MARKET pool of HCT is mainly used for the cooperation of major media promotion role.

4. This activity is open and fair, relevant information will be updated in the whitepaper in a timely manner, welcome community members to monitor.

5. The final explanation of this activity belongs to HEROCATGAMEFI.

HERO CAT GAMEFI 2021-12-20 (EST)

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