🔴Rewards for closed beta game(Finished)

Are you ready to get the big reward?

Rewards for the closed beta game

Are you ready to get the big reward? For this event, we will give away the first limited edition Legendary Sacred Hero Cat(limited to 10 on all servers), in addition to big rewards we also prepared a lot of other generous rewards. Come to participate in it!

First Reward】:HERO CAT Mining Pet benefits

【participants】:All users who have Mining Pet.

【Event reward 】:1 Ruby KEY (can open Ruby treasure chest)

【Acquisition Method】:As long as the user holds MUMU or TOTO can get the reward

Second Reward】:Login in and play the closed beta game will have 3 KEYs for free

【participants】:All users who have Mining Pet.

【Event reward】:Ruby KEY (can open ruby treasure chest)

【Acquisition Method】:You only need to be online for 30 minutes/day and keep on 3 days, then you will be able to get 3 ruby keys

Third Reward】:Open chests to draw a lottery

【participants】:All users who have Ruby KEYs

【Event reward】:Legendary Sacred Hero Cat

【Acquisition Method】: A lottery code will be automatically obtained after opening a Ruby chest. Opening more Ruby chests will get the corresponding number of lottery codes. For example, Opening 5 Ruby chests will automatically get 5 lottery codes.

Fourth Reward】Participating in the game economic model system test Ruby keys giveaways

Players who participate in the closed beta on 18/10/2021 will get 2 Ruby keys for free as long as the accumulated playtime is more than 6 hours.

Event time】:2021-9-30 - 2022/01/12 EST 23:59:59 (*The event is based on EST time.)

About how to receive the key

Please go to the HERO CAT official website to participate in the event

Event address: announce soon

About chests

1. A ruby treasure chest requires 1 KEY to open. You can open more treasure chests, such as 5 keys can open 5 treasure chests at one time.

2. After opening the treasure chest, you will automatically get a lottery code to participate in the lottery. Once you get the lottery code, you can participate in the limited edition legendary sacred heroes lottery. The winning lottery code will be calculated automatically through the BSC Smart Contract.

3. Rewards from Ruby chests are random, it includes NFT heroes, props, hero pieces, etc. Opening the chest will have the probability to open all levels of heroes, such as Epic Sacred Heroes, Legendary Sacred Heroes, etc.

【Event Description】

1. The closed beta game is mainly to test all the functions of the game to ensure that players get a better game experience in the public test. After the end of the beta test, all the test data of the game will be uniformly deleted。

2. For the convenience of users to experience the closed beta game, all users who participate in the beta will get the corresponding simulated HCT/USDT/HCG/DCAT digital currency, the virtual digital currency is only used as test data, not the real digital currency. All data will be cleared after the beta.

3、All rewards will be automatically sent to your account after the Hero Cat game is launched.

4、This activity is through the official Telegram group for communication, Twitter synchronization to send information, please search [hero cat gamefi].

5、The final explanation of this event belongs to Hero Cat Gamefi.

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