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How Can Players Purchase Heroes in the Game?

How Can Players purchase Heroes in the Game?

Note: All data in the pictures are only used for testing.

First, enter the Home Page.

The first time users log in, the "Purchase Hero" box will pop up. Users can either directly click to buy; or can also cancel and go to the Home Page to buy

Purchase HERO Treasure Chests and players can get a HERO with random rarities.

There is a chance to unbox and get a legendary or epic Hero, and even get a legendary + sacred or epic + sacred.

First, cancel the pop-up window, click the "Hero" button on the right side.

On the game's Home Page, click on the "Hero" button on the right side to jump into the "Purchase Heroes" pop-up page.

Switch to the "Purchase Heroes" window (pop-up window when you first enter).

Purchase heroes

(The following payment methods and amounts are only for the current model of the beta service, if there are changes, an announcement will be posted on the official website and social media)

There are three payment modes. Users can choose to pay according to their needs.

Payment Process

The "Total Payment" indicates the total tokens and coins that you should pay.


USDT: Limited to 5 times per day; if you want to purchase more, please use other payment modes.

Instruction of USDT Payment:

USDT Only is the default payment mode of our system.

Total payment:100 USDT + 0 DCAT

Finally, click "Confirm Purchase," to unbox a random Hero. Click anywhere to proceed.

Turn to the Home Page, and you need to check out heroes manually.

Click the " + " will enter to the hero selection interface.

Hero interface: select the hero that you want it to fight. By clicking the hero, the hero will be added to the battlefield.

In this way, the hero you bought will come out to fight.

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