👬Merge HERO Fragment

How Can Players Obtain a New Hero By Merging the Hero Fragment?

The Hero Fragment that players earned by clearing the instances and the boss can be merged to obtain a hero.

Each player gets three attempts to clear the fragment instances, and when players win, players can earn the universal HEROCAT fragment with different qualities, as well as some in-game coins.

The universal fragment could be used to merge to a HEROCAT corresponding to the quality of the fragment.


First, click “Hero” at the bottom of the Home Page, and enter into the “Fragment Merge” interface.

Select “Fragment Merge” in the pop-up window.

On the page “Fragment Merge”, the column at the top shows the universal fragment, while the column at the bottom was the fragment of specific heroes (with hero icons)

The quality of universal fragments can be divided into legend, epic, rare, and normal.

Select the hero fragment that you want to merge, the system will tell you how many pieces of the fragment that players need to have.

Click on the hero, and the system prompts the pieces needed is 30.

If the fragments are not enough, the system will prompt "Not enough chips."

Instruction: Select the hero, and make sure you have enough fragments, click “Merge”

The Merge is done when this interface pops up.

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