🌠Rank Up Your Heroes

How Can Players Rank Up Their Heroes?

Rising hero's star

Players use the heroes with the same rank (same star) to rank up the subject hero. (Note: “rank” here refers to the star level, not the Hero level)


  1. Players must have at least two Heroes of the same kind to rank up.

  2. The Heroes should be of the same rank.

  3. The level of the consumed Heroes must be lower than the Hero that players want to rank up.

For example, the subject Hero that players want to rank up has a level of 5, then the heroes that are used to rank up the subject should have their levels equal or lower than 4.


Go to the “Hero” page

Select “Rank Up”/”Rising Star”

Select the Hero that players want to rank up by clicking the icon.

After selecting Hero, the system will give you some hints:

  1. Lock the Heroes icon that is not eligible for rank up.

  2. The reference of consumed heroes will be shown on the right side.

Let's select the eligible Hero, and rank it up. (Must be heroes of the same kind.)

Click the Hero that you want to rank up, it will appear in the “Main” box.

Select the Hero with a higher level as the main Hero, and the Hero with a lower level as a consumed Hero.

Click the Hero that is going to be consumed and it will appear in the “Consumed” box. When you confirm, click “Rank Up”/”Rising Star”.

After clicking “Rank Up”/”Rising Star”, the “Upgrade Details” window pops up with the following information:

  1. The rank of the main Hero will be upgraded.

  2. HP, DEF, ATK will be strengthened

  3. The hero that is consumed.

Click “Sure” to confirm the rank up.

Your Hero is successfully ranked up, when an “Upgrade” window pops up.

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