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Team From Metaverse

HEROCAT GAMEFI is an anonymous game R&D and operation team with members coming from all across the globe having a strong consensus. We are devoted to integrating blockchain technology with games. Our team has been doing research and developing various blockchain innovative technologies, blockchain AI algorithms, and GameFi, with not only strong passions for blockchain technology but also professional skills. Our mission is to create a consensus metaverse that is of strong engagement with our community members. This community is for every individual who engages in our community, rather than for a specific person or an organization. Thus, our team did not and will not pre-occupy any proportions of the community properties, but we also participate in mining. The development of our community and the game relies on the efforts that are made by every community member. Without extraordinary background and rhetoric white paper, our team members are those who have a strong belief and passion for the games, and who devote themselves to making this community better. High efficiency and responsive execution is our promise to the community. We believe that this community is going to be better through the efforts made by everyone.

All creative and innovative technologies and models face challenges when they first come out. Different from a short-term program, our team and our community members want a great thing, which is a sustainable long-term project. With sustainability being the core factor of our project, our community is going to develop into an integrated ecosystem. During this process, there must be a lot of doubts and difficulties. However, like the history of the blockchain industry, only a few people, such as Geeks, could understand the decentralized anonymous record model when the blockchain appeared because blockchain was revolutionary and innovative. Blockchain technology started to be prevalent later after people had a clear understanding of it. Our project, likewise, is in its growing process. We do not need a lot of people to understand our project right now, but we are keeping creating values and making progress step by step. We believe that more people will join our community spontaneously in the future. We will not blindly fulfill the needs of different parties in order to gain short-term profit; instead, we aim at the long-term development of our community and fight against those that violate our mission and our idea.

Therefore, please make sure that you understand the idea and the mission of our community before you decide to join us.

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