🅱️How to buy Treasure Cat

First of all, log in to the official website: https://herocat.io

After logging in, click "My Mining Pet" - select "Mining HCK" in the upper left corner

Warm reminder: MUMU/TOTO must meet at least level 100 (including level 100) to be eligible to purchase Treasure Cats.

There are 2 Treasure Cats, TETE and PUPU, TETE has a base luck value of 100 and PUPT has a base luck value of 50, so you can choose to buy them yourself.

TETE purchase price: 2000HCT+50HCK PUPU purchase price: 1000HCT+25HCK

Select the treasure cat you want to buy and click "Buy".

The Treasure Cat mining screen will be displayed after successful purchase.

Look at this to the screen means that the purchase has been successful.

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