The Fifth HCT buy back

Description of increasing the number of HCT buyback:

Dear HERO CAT metaverse players, Thank you community members for their continued support of the project. The development of the community and the game cannot be separated from all community members. We work together to develop and grow. In order to have sufficient transaction depth in the HCT liquidity pool, the project team decided to increase the amount of HCT buyback. The buyback quota is 1 million HCT, the total buyback quota is 5 million. The buyback method is first-come-first-served, while stocks last.

Regarding HCT buyback rules:

  1. The buyback price: 0.2USDT/HCT

  2. Total quantity of buyback HCT = 5 million HCT

  3. The total amount of exchanged HCT = 5 million HCT-4 million HCT

  4. Each community member can participate in the buyback = first come first served, while stock lasts.

  5. buyback event launch time: November 24th 00:00 EST

  6. All HCT of this buyback event will be used to increase the liquidity pool of decentralized exchange and increase the trading depth.

Addition notes:

1.All community members can participate in this event, and each community member has an unlimited buyback amount, on a first-come, first-served basis.

2.If the total amount of buyback HCT has been met, the event will end early. Even the total amount of buyback HCT has not been met, after the end of the event, the buyback event will be stopped.

Other Instructions:

  1. HCT contract address: 0x29a1e54de0fce58e1018535d30af77a9d2d940c4

HCT buyback address:



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