The Second HCT buy back

Dear HERO CAT metaverse players,

Thanks to all community members for their continued support to the project. The development of the community and the game cannot be separated from all community members. We work together to develop and grow. In order to have sufficient trading depth in the exchange liquidity pool of HCT, the project team decided to continue to increase the amount of buyback of HCT. The total amount of buyback HCT will increase from 1.26 million to 2 million HCT. All HCTs purchased this time will be used as the initial liquidity pool of the decentralized exchange, and each HCT could be trade as 0.2USDT in this buyback activity. After HCT listing on the DEX, the HCT withdrawal function will be active as the meantime, players can freely trade HCT on the exchange.

Regarding HCT buyback rules:

  1. The buyback price: 0.2USDT/HCT

  2. The total quantity of buyback HCT = 2 million HCT

  3. Total amount of buyback HCT for this round = 2 million HCT-total amounts of historical buyback

  4. The amount of each community member can be participated in = first come first served

  5. Event start and end time EST: November 11th 7:00 to November 12th 7:00

Addition notes:

  1. All community members can participate in this event, and each community member has unlimited buyback amount, on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. If the total amount of buyback HCT have been met, the event will end early. Even the total amount of buyback HCT have not been met, after end of the event, the buyback event will be stopped.

Other instructions:

1.HCT contract address: 0xbAcd5E256fE6a59a159741b8Cef041EC14B830bA

buyback address:

At the same time, the HCK buyback event has been removed. Users can trade their HCKs on pancakeswap freely.



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