Equity Staking

The tutorial to play the equity staking
Equity staking is an exclusive equity system prepared by the project team for senior gamers in the community. Based on the consensus of trust, a certain amount of HCT can be staked continuously to obtain game items and bonus. These include in-game gold HCG, epic fragment, weekly lottery tickets, HCG bonus, etc. To provide you with sufficient resources to dominate the leaderboard and get more generous HCT rewards!
(Note: The following data is only for example, if there are any changes, please refer to the online data)
Equity Staking
By stakingHCT, you will receive in-game items and bonus.
Item Equity
Time Equity
Epic Hero Universal Fragment
HCG Bonus
Random Epic Hero Dedicated Fragement
Weekly Lottery Ticket
Mining pet HCG Bonus
Equity Staking
Lottery ticket: Weekly lucky drawing will be conducted
Attention, lottery ticket prizes will change at different times.
Lottery Ticket
Equity Staking Participation Rules:
  1. 1.
    The number of staking quotas will be open from time to time, subject to official notification
  2. 2.
    You must use the balance of your assets, HCT, to make the staking.
  3. 3.
    After the staking expires, the balance will be automatically redeemed to your assets.
  4. 4.
    After staking, you can upgrade your equity at any time:
a) If the upgrade is successful, the original staking will be voided, the amount will be transferred to the new staking, and the duration of the equity will be updated.
b) After the upgrade, the game items and weekly lottery tickets will be replenished, and the amount already claimed cannot be re-claimed.
c) The amount of the staking cannot be reduced during the upgrade.
5.After the staking is redeemed when it expires, the staking will be renewed and the items can be obtained again.
6.The number of lottery tickets represents the number of times you can participate in the weekly prize drawing. Having more tickets, the higher the chance of winning.
Equity Staking Tutorial
The first step is to understand the equity staking levels classification
Select the appropriate plan according to your needs
Equity Staking Levels Classification
Equity Staking Levels Classification
The level table with detailed equity bonus values, the corresponding equity bonuses and items for each level will be enhanced Choose the right staking plan according to your needs
Step 2: Select the equity staking level
There are two major categories of equity staking: HCT quantity and staking duration
Amount of HCT: 1K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 40K, 80K, 160K, 320K
Staking duration: 30 days, 90 days, 120 days, 360 days
The higher the amount of staking or the staking duration, the higher the corresponding equity level
(Level category, selection position, colored square graph)
Level category, selection position, colored square graph
When the Equity staking level is selected, the earnings bonus will automatically switch to the corresponding level of earnings bonus
Equity Staking Level C Earnings Bonus Description
Equity Staking Level C
Step 3: Equity Staking level, confirm submission
Determine the staking level, verify it is correct, and submit
Confirm the content again, verify it is correct, and submit
Please make sure the HCT quantity and duration staking is corrected
Please make sure the HCT quantity and duration staking is corrected
The staking level will be switched to the selected staking level if the submission is successful.
Equity Staking Level J
Step 4: View Equity Staking Records
You can view the staking records by going to the Records section below
You can view the records that are in the process of being staked.
Staking record
At this point, the entire process of equity staking has been completed
Equity Upgrading Tutorial
Step 1: Select Equity Staking Level Note: 1.
  1. 1.
    You must select a staking level higher than the original equity staking level in order to upgrade.
  2. 2.
    A staking level lower than the original equity staking HCT quantity cannot be used as an upgrade condition. (In the diagram, the gray area is the unselectable area, and the position is drawn by red line)
Therefore, only the staking level higher than the original equity staking level can be selected
When selecting a higher level of Equity Staking Level E, the original Equity Staking Level C
Equity Staking Level C: Automatically switches to Equity Staking Level E
Staked (HCT): automatically increases the number of corresponding levels and the number of replenishments required
Staking Duration Remaining: The number of days remaining, automatically increased to the corresponding value
Incentive bonus: All income bonuses are automatically switched to the corresponding level bonus value and incentive
Step 2: Determine the level of equity staking and submit the application
Confirm the content again, verify it is correct, and submit
Please make sure the HCT quantity and duration staking is corrected
Check one more time
Successful submission, change of equity staking level
1.Change of staking level upgrade
2.Change in the number of staked HCT
3. Change of duration staking
Equity staking level upgrade
Checking the staking record, you can see that the staking stage has been upgraded and changed
At the same time, the original equity staking level will be changed to voided status
Staking record
Equity staking successful