👉HEROCAT DEFI 3.0 A staking pool

  1. HEROCAT DEFI3.0 A staking pool - mining pets hashrate equity staking pool introduction

MUMU and TOTO is the first step for community members to participate in HEROCATGAMEFI, it can also be said that MUMU and TOTO is the core foundation of HEROCATGAMEFI Genesis mining pet, hold MUMU and TOTO to enter the game, as the community updates and evolves, MUMU and TOTO will be empowered more and more, this DEFI3.0 will be the first step of empowerment.

(1) A staking pool - mining pet hashrate equity mining pool.

After the LP quota is full, other community members cannot participate in the A staking pool, and can only wait for other community members to exit the A staking pool before they can participate.

(2) Level of staking equity in A staking pool.

It is based on the level of MUMU and TOTO's hashrate to get LP shares, the higher the hashrate the more LP shares the player can get, each hashrate can get 2LP staking equity, the maximum limit is 20,000LP.

(3) MUMU/TOTO APR bonus of A staking pool.

MUMU and TOTO will be added to the LP APR factor of A staking pool if their levels exceed 100, and will be upgraded with LP APR factor for every 100 levels.

(4) Dual equity staking pool in the A staking pool.

The A staking pool is divided into two staking pools, the initial equity staking pool and the reinvested equity staking pool.

a) The initial equity staking pool: According to the community players, mining pet's hashrate, battle cat's power, super mining cat's hashrate, in the relevant equity, such as the higher mining pet's hashrate to get more shares of pledged LP, the liquidity mining bonus will be distributed once in 24 hours.

b) Reinvested equity staking pool: The amount of HCT generated by the initial equity staking pool and the reinvested equity staking pool determines the amount of staked LPs a player can get in the reinvested equity staking pool, the more HCT generated, the higher the amount of staked LPs can get.

When the player successfully participates in the initial equity staking pool of A staking pool, with the first production of A staking pool in 24 hours, player will get the reinvested equity staking pool of A staking pool, and the amount of HCT produced will be the factor to determine the reinvested equity staking pool LP, the more HCT produced, the more LP shares can be staked. Players can increase the yield of A staking pool by continuously reinvesting LP. In addition the reinvested equity staking pool of A staking pool will provide double APR from the initial equity staking pool. This is a new DEFI mechanism unique to the HEROCAT project team, other projects DEFI is unlimited participation, you can enter and exit at any time, but HEROCAT DEFI is limited, you can exit at any time but can not enter at any time, only in the case of player exit can be replaced.

(5) A staking pool APR. The APR of the staking pool is not a constant value, the AI is calculated based on the floating price of HCT, the APR has no upper limit. The revenue will be calculated once a 24-hour EST settlement.

(6) A staking pool output. It is currently its first stage, with the release of each mine, HCT will no longer be the only output, just imagine, HEROCAT DEFI can produce other project's tokens or game props, that will be a very COOL thing, first to take the LP share to enjoy the next benefit.

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