🪙Hero Cat Mining Cat Guide

The development routes of MINING PET can be roughly divided into two kinds, and members can choose one of them according to their own needs.

  1. Brief Introduction of HEROCAT Mining Pet Pool

HEROCAT Mining Pet is an innovation of the game. Users who have MUMU and TOTO can do mining 24 hours a day automatically. The Mining Pet Pool has a total of 10 billion HCT, accounting for 10% of the entire mining pool.

2. HEROCAT Mining Pet AI Mining

As members of the community and the players of the game, our team regard the sustainability of the community and the game as our long-term goal and we are devoted to creating real values by taking advantage of blockchain technologies. We have developed relatively balanced AI algorithms. Under this algorithm, the quantities of HEROCAT mining pets, the quantity of burned HCT, and the total hashrate of all HEROCAT mining pets will influence the HCT output of the new mining block. The quantity of HCT issued is also influenced by the new players and the quantity of burned HCT under this algorithm. In accordance with the AI algorithm, each new member can enjoy the benefit of their first mining because their entries increase the quantity of HCT that is going to be issued. After their first mining activity, the new mining block will back to normal. This system also benefits the loyal members that joined us earlier. The purpose of this algorithm is to better develop our community and the game. We believe that all members, no matter they join our community earlier or later, are significant to the success of our community and our game. We are still sticking to our mission that this community works for and belongs to everyone that joins in this community. Thus, our team did not and will not pre-occupy any proportions of the community properties, and we also participate in mining. The development of our community and the game relies on the efforts that are made by every community member. Without extraordinary background and rhetoric white paper, our team members are those who have a strong belief and passion for the games, and who devote themselves to making this community better. High efficiency and responsive execution is our promise to the community. We believe that this community is going to be better through the efforts made by everyone.

3. Floating Output Due to the Contribution Difference in Mining Block (24 hours)

The HCT output of the new mining block will be affected by the total quantity of HEROCAT Mining Pet, the quantity of burned HCT, the total hashrate, and the price of HCT. Each mining block only exists 24 hours. The new mining block will be opened at 12:00am (EST) every day. The contribution of the old mining block affects the output of the new mining block. For example, Mining Pet A burned more HCTs than Mining Pet B in the previous mining block, when other factors, such as the pet levels are the same, the Mining Pet A will earn more HCTs than Mining Pet B in the new mining block.

4. Floating Output Due to the Contribution Difference in Mining Block (20 minutes)

The HCT output of the new 20-minute mining block will be affected by the total quantity of HEROCAT Mining Pet, the quantity of burned HCT, the total hashrate, and the price of HCT. If users burn HCT, the increase of hashrate and level will increase the HCT that users earn from mining in the next small mining block. After the reset of 24h mining block, the weight of the hashrate/burned HCT/Mining pet levels of the users would be re-calculated. Users might find that there was a difference in output between the new and old mining blocks. It is natural because the mining output is influenced by the total hashrate of the community at the moment, the weight of users’ burned HCT, and users’ weight of hashrate. If users continue to burn HCT, the output of HCT will increase. Users are free to choose if they burn the HCT or not.

5. Floating Output Due to the Mining Pet Level

The hashrate increases when the level of the mining pet increases. Because users need to burn more HCT to increase the level of mining pets, they make more contributions to the community. When the weight of contribution increases, the weight of mining pet’s level also increases. For every 100 levels that the mining pet increases the corresponding hashrate weight will be obtained, and the output will also increase.

6. HERO CAT Mining Pet Introduction

Each HEROCAT player is eligible to buy a Mining Pet NFT, which can mine HEROCAT Token automatically. Users can increase the hashrate of Mining Pet by purchasing items (Mercury/Venus/Martian/Jupiter). Users can earn more HCTs when they have a higher hashrate. The HCTs that are used to purchase items will be burned automatically. Other cryptocurrencies used to purchase items are users’ donations to the community and will be used for community operation.

The maximum level of Mining Pet is Level 1000. The level can no longer be upgraded after the level reaches 1000. When users’ hashrate increases by 10, the Mining Pet level will increase by 1 level. The appearance of Mining Pets will change when the level is upgraded.

7. HERO CAT Mining Pet Exchange

MUMU and TOTO are two Mining Cats while they are also NFTs. We will open a market for people to trade their Mining Cats or transfer. Each member can buy and sell freely in the market. The old members can sell their own Mining Cat to new members, and they can buy a new Mining Cat and raise it up from the beginning. New members can also purchase high-level Mining Pet in the market.

8. Do we need to continuously upgrade HEROCAT Mining Pet? Or Can We Just Spend More Time on Mining and Earn HCT?

The level of HERO CAT Mining Cat is up to lv.1000, 10,000 hashrate. According to the current price of HCT, each hashrate needed 5 HCT to upgrade.

Users can buy HEROCAT Mining Cat according to their own preference.

  1. Upgrade slowly, and spend more time on earning HCT.

Case: Data from 12:00 am on 29th, September to 6:00 pm on 29th, September. (EST)

MUMU Level: Lv.200 200hashrate

HCT Mined by MUMU:599.9HCT

2. Keep upgrading and reach high-level fast to lay foundation to future mining

Case: Data from 12:00 am on 29th, September to 4:20 pm on 29th, September. (EST)

9,Auto upgrade function

The purpose of this function is to make the upgrade easy. Community members do not need to upgrade the Mining Pet every 20 mins by themselves and do not need to worry that they might forget to upgrade. The auto-upgrade function makes upgrade progress automatically. Once the user’s account balance exceeds 5HCT, enabling the auto-upgrade function can use the account balance to upgrade the Mining Pet automatically, which makes the upgrade process more efficient and less time-consuming.

Updated 2021.12.17

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