PancakeSwap Tutorial
Open the Pancake Swap:https://pancakeswap.finance/
Pancake Homepage
1、Click the Connect Wallet button wallet address.
Chooes your wallet
2、Choose your wallet and connect it (this tutotial using metamask)
Trade Now
2. After the wallet is successfully linked, the linked address will be displayed in the upper right corner.
3.Click the earth icon next to it to switch languages of different countries if you want.
4. Click Trade Now button in the middle of the page to enter the trading page.
6、Could choose the paris trading in the page and able to change different currencies.
7、Have to enter the contract address at the first time to trade .
HCK Contract Address:0x032A4E59387e08443Cf1df662141da09c31ceFa1
HCT Contract Address:0x29a1e54de0fce58e1018535d30af77a9d2d940c4
HCK contract address
Click the HCK to choose
Trade HCK to Usdt
8、Enter the number of the HCK that you want, then the number of usdt that you need will be showed automatically.
9、Click the Enable USDT button (Authorize/Approve USDT), click confirm after the wallet pops up.
Block processing
Block processing
10、After confirming that there is no problem with the quantity and price to be traded, click Swap to trade.
Confirm Swap
Click Confirm Swap to process the swap
After the wallet pop-up and click confirm
Add Token
Click Add HCK to Meta Mask,Then click Add Token to add the HCK to your wallet.
Check the amount of HCK that has been purchased in your wallet.
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