🧰dfox Tutorial

Login to the official dfox website: https://www.dfox.cc/

Click to download dfox Google Chrome plugin

install the downloaded documents

(1) open the Google Chrome browser chrome.

(2) Click the menu in the upper right corner

(3) click on the settings

Click to extend the function

(1) Click on the upper right corner to open the developer mode

(2) Click to load the unpacked extensions

Select the unpacked folder, please note that it is: folder, folder, folder, don't make a mistake. *After decompression, a new folder will be added automatically, please click into it and then select it.

Click Start

Click on the new wallet (if there is already dfox wallet choose to import the wallet, this tutorial is mainly to new wallet.)

Set the login password, password at least 8 characters.

Click Next

Click to display the helper word

Backup the helper word, after backup the helper word, the system will do a verification behavior, ask you to repeat the helper word in order *Warm Tips.

(1) Be careful to save the helper words, if you leak the helper words, you will lose your assets.

(2) If you forget or lose a booster, you will lose your assets as well.

Select the booster you have backed up for verification

After successful verification, click Start.

For the default ETH chain network, you need to select the BSC chain manually by clicking on the network in the upper left corner.

Select Binance Smart Chain

Click the + sign in the top right corner to add tokens

Search HCT, HCK and other tokens in the search box, the token will be displayed.

Add successfully

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