💱HCT Withdrawal


HERO CAT TOKEN uses the decentralized TOKEN issued by BSC (HCT for short) with a total circulation of 100 billion, and 100% of HCT is issued to game participants. All HCTs need to be obtained through the game and the meta-universe community contribution. At the same time, the development team is also involved in mining mines.

HERO CAT TOKEN is used as a circulated encrypted digital proof of rights and interests, and HCT is used as the representative of the rights and interests of the HERO CAT metaverse community and the cornerstone of governance.

HCT Withdraw Tutorial

  1. Open the homepage first.

2. Click My Assets

3.That is available to see the list your asset in the asset list

4.HCT Asset Details

Data displayed on the page: HCT available quantity, withdrawal, deposit, deposit record, withdraw record.

Lets click the Withdraw button

5.HCT Withdraw

In the page, you have to add an BSC wallet address to receive your HCT.

Be attention:

1.The address wallet must on the BSC chain(BEP20)

2.Pleaes make sure you enter the correct wallet address.

The above matters must be reviewed again and again, otherwise it will cause the currency to fail to arrive in the account.

Operations:Withdrawal address,the little white book, click it and enter Wallet address page.

6.Wallet Address

Add a BSC(BEP20)wallet address by click the “Add address” on the top-right.

7.Add address

Add BEP20 wallet address, and fill in the following information:

  1. Select chain type: BEP20

  2. Enter the withdrawal address: copy the address of the BEP20 wallet (the specific location will be mentioned below)

  3. Address mark: Rename the wallet you added for easy to know which one it is

  4. Transaction password: fill in the set transaction password Choose a security verification method: email, Google authentication, SMS, you can choose one of the three

Copy the wallet address and paste it into HERO CAT "Add Wallet", there will be a "Copy Wallet" tutorial at the bottom of the tutorial below

👑pageCreate a Wallet

Fill in the information and save the address.

8.Wallet address

Save the information of the added address, and you will automatically return to the "Wallet Address" page

At this time, select the "wallet address" that has just been saved (it will automatically jump to the HCT withdrawal page)

9. HCT Withdraw

Select the wallet, it will automatically jump to the HCT withdrawal page, where the wallet address you just selected will be displayed


  1. The minimum withdrawal amount of HCT is 50.

  2. HCT withdrawal is automatically processed by the system, please be patient and wait for it.

Withdrawal succeed after you enter the correct amount of HCT and transaction password.

Seeing this prompt means that you have successfully withdrawn, and HCT is on the way to your wallet

At this time, you can return to your "HCT Withdrawal" interface to check the order status

Seeing this status, it means that you have successfully withdrawn, and the order is waiting for withdrawal, just wait patiently

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