Guide of receving Hero Key
Step 1, log in and go to the event website
Event webiste:https://herocat.io/activityList​ Click to enter.
Click to enter
Step 2. Link Decentralized Wallet Address and Click on "Connect Wallet"
Click to connect wallet
Choose your decentralized wallet
Click to connect
Link decentralized wallet address success
Step 3. Receive HERO KEY
Click to receive
Click to receive
Make sure you have enough BNB balance to pay the gas fee
Tip: Note that at least 35 seconds to wait for the block transaction confirmation, if a long time here has been spinning in circles and can not pass, you need to exit after switching your network status. Then re-link your wallet address, network status for example: switch to the cell phone network or WIFI network.
Block confirmed successful
Check the number of keys successfully claimed
Tip: At this point, you can use the hero key to open chests.
Wallet Settings
The first step in setting up your wallet
Select BSC Network - Add Token
Add HERO KEY contract address
HERO KEY contract address:0x032A4E59387e08443Cf1df662141da09c31ceFa1
Adding successfully and it shows the number of HERO KEY
Guide of receving Hero Key.mp4
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