⛏️Getting Mining Cat

Steps to buy a Mining Cat

How to buy a Mining Cat

From the menu in the upper right corner of the homepage, select My HPET.”

MY HPET,on this page you will find two mining cats you can choose to buy, the names are "Mumu" and "Toto."

Select "Mumu" and drag the page down; you can see a "Purchase Mining Pet" interface.

Drag the mouse to the exclamation mark next to "Combined Payment," and the function introduction will pop up.

What is the highest payment for DCAT? We can click on the exclamation mark next to "maximum payable," and a prompt will pop up to understand

Prompt: Up to 50% of the cost of DCAT can be used for the purchase of Mining Cat

After choosing the payment method, click "Confirm Purchase," then the system will pop up a "Purchase Confirmation" again. Just check whether you need to purchase "Mumu" or "Toto", and then click "Confirm Purchase" again if you have no doubts.

At this time, the "purchase successful" prompt will pop up. Congratulations, it means that you already own our HERO CAT mining cat.

After the purchase is successful, go back to "My HPET," and you will be able to see your mining cat

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