🆙Upgrading Mining Cat

How to upgrade your hashrate function of mining cat to have a higher revenue

How to upgrade mining cat

From the menu in the upper right corner of the homepage, select "My HPET"

My HPET, here you can see our mining cat, MINING CAT hashrate is 313

After reading the data here, we swipe down to go to the "Upgrade Mining Cat" interface

"Upgrade the pet", here you can see the materials required for the upgrade, there are four types respectively

In addition to upgrading materials, we can see that there are also "quantity purchases" and "combined payment". In fact, there are three ways to pay for the purchase of materials. They are

Let's try now how to operate the combined payment (the data in the figure below is test data, which is purely fictitious)

After filling in the "Buying amount", the required quantity of HCT in the combination payment will also increase automatically with the purchased quantity you fill in.

Confirm and then it will pop up an "upgrade success" prompt, then it means the upgrade is successful

Confirm and then it will pop up an "upgrade success" prompt, then it means the upgrade is successful

HCT paid in full

When you don’t drag the progress bar at the beginning, it means you are using HCT to pay the full amount

Total payment:50 HCT

Confirm the purchased quantity and payment amount, click "Confirm Purchase Upgrade"‌

A prompt box of "Upgrade Mining Pet" will pop up, and you can see "50 HCT will be deducted" from it.‌

Make sure everything is correct, click "Confirm"

Confirm, a pop-up "upgrade successful" prompt, it means that the upgrade was successful

After the upgrade is successful, at the bottom of the bottom, you can see the "upgrade record"

That is, the materials you need to purchase each time you upgrade and the increased computing power, which can be viewed here

Go back to "My HPET" at this time, you will find that your mining pet level has been improved, and your computing power has also increased.

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