Withdraw Currency
How to withdraw?
From the menu in the upper right corner of the homepage, select "My Assets"
My assets, you can see "Withdraw" and "Recharge," we can choose "Withdraw."
USDT withdrawal: four main chains: BEP20 (Binance), HECO (Huobi), TRC20 (TRON), ERC20 (Ethereum)
From HERO CAT withdrawal to the address of the four main chains, you need to select a corresponding wallet address in the "Withdrawal Address" to perform the withdrawal operation.
The first time you withdraw cash in HERO CAT, the wallet address is empty. At this time, you need to add a wallet address of the public chain.
For example, for the BEP20 main chain, you need to add a Binance BEP20 wallet address, which is used to receive HeroCat withdrawals of the USDT.
How to add wallet address, click to add a new address.
Wallet address, then select "Add Address" on the right.
Add address
Now withdraw cash to Binance's wallet address, so we need to add a wallet address belonging to BEP20 and select "BEP20."
Please enter the withdrawal address: copy and paste the wallet address belonging to Binance BEP20.
Please enter the address remarks: This is mainly to remark the wallet.
After the address is successfully added, the system will automatically return to the "wallet address." At this time, you will find that the address you just added will be displayed here, and then click to select this address to receive the USDT withdrawal from HERO CAT.
After selecting the address, you will back to the "USDT Withdrawal" interface. You will find that the newly added wallet address has appeared in the "Withdrawal Address," and then enter the "withdrawal amount" and "transaction password."
Confirm the withdrawal, and the withdrawal is successful. When you see this prompt, it means that the process of withdrawal is done.
After the withdrawal is successful, return to "My Assets" and select the currency "USDT" to view details.
For asset details, under "Financial Records," select "Withdrawal Records" on the right to view the progress of this "Withdrawal."
At this time, you can see that your withdrawal is "waiting for withdrawal," which means you have submitted it successfully, wait patiently for the processing result.
1.BEP20, HECO, TRC20, the withdrawal amount of the wallet address of these three public chains shall not be less than 15USDT
2. The withdrawal amount of ERC20 shall not be less than 50USDT
3. The four public chains must correspond to the wallet address of the platform, such as
BEP20 corresponds to the Binance wallet address
HECO corresponds to the Huobi wallet address
TRC20 corresponds to the TRON wallet address
ERC20 corresponds to the Ethereum wallet address
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