03-11-2021- Update Log

Description of HCK buyback and online decentralized exchange

Dear HERO CAT metaverse players,

Thank you for the community members who are always supporting us. The community and the development of the game can not be separated from all community members. The project team will start HCK buyback activity, and start to prepare for HCK online decentralized exchange work, the buyback of all HCK will be used as the initial liquidity pool of the decentralized exchange, and 2 USDT as the value. All community members can go to the decentralized exchange to trade for the HCK. Rules of HCK buyback:

1. The buyback price: 2USDT/HCK

2. Total number of HCK buyback = 10,000 HCK, about 20% of the current circulation

3. The amount of the HCK for Each community member = FCFS (first come first served)

4. Buyback opening time: 12:00 on2st Nov (EST)

5. Deadline of the buyback: 12:00 on5nd Nov (EST)

Instruction: 1. All community members can participate in this activity, each community member is not limited to the amount from buyback, FCFS.

2. The buyback activity will take for 72 hours, after end of this activity, the buyback will be stopped whatever the amount of buyback share is. All HCK from buyback will be used as the initial liquidity pool of the decentralized exchange.

Other descriptions:

1. The total volume of HERO CAT KEY (HCK) issued is 300 million.

2. HERO CAT KEY can mainly open HERO CAT different levels of treasure chests. According to different levels of treasure chests, players can open various game props and heroes, etc.

3. HERO CAT KEY contract address:0x032A4E59387e08443Cf1df662141da09c31ceFa1

4.Ruby key rewards activity: https://herocat.io/activityList

5.HCK buyback rewards activity: https://www.herocat.io/buybackHCK



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