04-4-2022 Update Log

Dear HERO CAT Metaverse players,

Thank you for your continued support of the project, the development of the community and the game is dependent on all community members, we work together to develop and grow, the following is a notice of HEROCAT's upcoming updates.

I. About the Tower of Babel system upgrade and optimization notice

(1) Adjust the Tower of Babel ticket payment model and price, payment upgrade to HCT+HCU+HCK.

(2) Tower of Babel economic model upgrade.

II. Forecast of the opening of the Elf system

(1) Elf system, elves are divided into battle type, combat power type, HCG type.

(2) Users can choose to cultivate elves according to their preferences, different elves increase different attribute bonuses.

(3) Increase the drop of Elven advancement stones.

(4) Elf upgrade requiring the use of HCK + HCT + HCU + HCG.

III. HCU exchange and upgrade content forecast

(1) Increase the exchange of HCU to USDT.

(2) Increase the exchange of USDT for HCU.

Ⅳ、About the opening of HCK withdrawals

(1) Launch HCK withdraw function.

V. Forecast of the opening of the guild system

(1) Community players can built their own guild and feed guild beast.

(2) Community players can choose to join their favorite guild and feed guild beast.

(3) HCK+HCT+HCU+HCG are required to feed guild beast.

(4) More features will be announced before the guild system is released.

Ⅵ. Binance Blind Box Auction Opening Notice

(1) The auction contract with Binance's market place and mystery box has already been signed.

(2) Binance Blind Box will offer 4 exclusive heroes with the following ranks: Normal, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

(3) Binance Blind box is limited to 10,000.



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