11-10-2021 - Update Log

HeroCat closed beta bug fixing was updated yesterday, update content is below:

1. Modify the UI problem: text goes out of the box (fixed)

2. Modify the treasure chest level of light effect (fixed)

3. After fragment synthesis, hero cats do not continue to fight (fixed)

4. When you click on the button to purchase a hero, the button is gray and unclickable, and you are allowed to click on it only after a successful or failed purchase. (fixed)

5. deal with the request to register the login interface when passing the "device information" field (fixed)

6. The consumption of currency after rising stars is not refreshed in a timely manner (fixed)

7. Click to close the main stage victory settlement interface does not pop up after the general rewards interface (fixed)

8. The interface will flash when Processing from the screen of the mining pool and switch back to the screen of battle. (fixed)

9. When you rise your hero's star and you are not eligible, the text "the main hero can be raised when he reaches xx level." will appear. (fixed)

10. Synthetic food problem: the tip of parameter error will appear when you quickly dragged the food to the hero. (fixed)

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