12-11-2021-Update Log

Dear HERO CAT metaverse players,

Thanks to all community members for their continued support of the project. The development of the community and the project cannot be separated from all community members. We work together to grow and develop, here is the announcement of the HCT list on DEX.

1. The time for the HCT list on DEX

1.1. HCT will be listed on DEX on November 12 (EST). For fairness and justice, the exact time for when HCT is open to trade on DEX will be announced in the community 1-2 minutes before listing on DEX.

2. MUMU and TOTO related adjustment after DEX time on HCT

2.1. After HCT is listed on DEX, users can buy a large amount of HCT to upgrade MUMU and TOTO. For the balance of the community, the HCT upgrade MUMU and TOTO upgrade rules will be changed to a maximum of 100 levels per day. This change will be active since November 19 ( EST).

3. HCT withdrawal function opening time

3.1. HCT withdrawal function will be open within half an hour after HCT is listed on DEX, and the HCT/USDT withdrawal setting withdrawal address and transaction password verification method is changed to Google verification, SMS verification, email verification. Community members can choose one of three methods to verify the withdrawal.


4. HCT buyback activity has been finished

4.1. HCT buyback activity has been removed from the homepage. The project team has buyback total amount of 2 million HCT, and all of the HCT from the buyback activity will be used as the initial liquidity pool of the DEX.



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