13-05-2022 Update Log

Dear Hero Cat Players,

Greetings! Thank you so much for your support of HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. The following is a preview of the upcoming updates.

Upcoming updates:

1.Binance NFT Transfer

Players will be able to transfer their Binance NFT Hero Cats from their wallets into our game.

2.The Preview of Treasure Cat Mining Pool AI 1.1

Update Upgrade the Treasure Cat economic model.

Important Updates Planned:

  1. The upgrade of the MUMU/TOTO mining pool 1.1

The AI algorithm of the economic model in the MUMU/TOTO mining pool is going to be upgraded.

2.Babel Upgrade

Upgrade the economic model for Tower of Babel.

3.In-game Economic Model Upgrade

In-game economic model AI 1.1 is going to be updated.

4.Guild system

a. Community players can form their own guilds and raise their beasts.

b. Community players are free to join the guilds they prefer, and raise the beast with their guild members.

c. The upgrading of beast consumes HCK + HCT + HCU + HCG

d. More features will be unveiled before the guild system is launched.

5.The update about the pal farm.

a. The current referral system will be closed soon.

b. The new pal farm system is going to be launched.

c. Community members can become ‘friends’ and mine in the pal pool in accordance with corresponding rules.

d. Under this mechanism, both inviters and invitees are eligible to mine in the pal pool.

e. Players can terminate and change the ‘friendship’ once a month.

6.The update of HCU swap

HCU can be swapped for USDT


May 13, 2022(EST)

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