15-2-2022 Upadte Log

Dear HERO CAT metaverse player,

Thank you so much for your support to HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. The following is the announcement about the opening function of HCT exchange for HCU and newly added Staking Empowerment Level.

  1. Open HCT exchange for HCU:

a) The quantity of HCU that players can swap daily is determined by the hashrates of MUMU/TOTO; players can get 1 HCU swap limit per 50 hashrates everyday.

b) The price is based on the real-time price of HCT, 1 HCU = 1 USDT;

c) 5% handling fees will be charged when swap.


HCT exchange for HCU Address: Click to enter

2.Game Updates

a) Added the function of NFT battle hero advanced 2-star (2 Purple Stars). Two advanced 1-star heroes can be upgraded to one advanced 2-star hero;

b) Adjusted the distribution proportion of the prize pool of World Boss three war zones;

c) Optimized the player allocation mechanism of World Boss three war zones;

d) Optimized the way to receive the lucky treasure chests prize;

e) Optimized the feeding function to feed the heroes or miners who are not in the war when adjusting the heroes in the war;

3. Happy Hero Chests:

[Event Time]: 2022 / 02 / 15 00:00 - 2022 / 02 / 17 23:59 (EST)

[Event Prize]: Cat cookies (event food) for levels 16-35 randomly

[How to Obtain]: Obtain 5 food items for opening every 5 hero treasure boxes

[Event Description]:

a) Get 5 food items for opening every 5 hero boxes. For example, get twice food rewards for opening 10 hero boxes, 10 food items in total.

b) Event food levels 16-35 will be randomly distributed. The event food cannot be merged.


2022 / 2 / 15 (EST time)

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