16-10-2021 - Update Log

Dear community members:

In order to let our community members to experience the game, we will extend the date of the closed beta. The specific end time of the closed beta and the released time of the official game will be announced officially. The following are the official updates of the game and community today, as well as the system and activities to be launched. The team has been working hard, we are appreciated your support and understanding of the community and the game.

I. HERO CAT GAMEFI updated content:

1. Launched a new version of the game UI

2. Launched a new game monster and BOSS

3. Increased USDT + HCT combination payment for the purchase of hero cat (limited to once a day)

4. Hero USDT purchase increases daily purchase limit (five times a day)

5. Game announcement function is on

6. Optimization of Hero Cat basic attributes, growth attributes

7. Hero Cat’s skill optimization adjustment

8. In order to avoid getting stuck, so all users will reset and back the lv.1 stage due to the attribute optimization.

II. HERO CAT GAMEFI recent bug fixes:

1. Error of the purchase of automatic synthesis card text (Fixed)

2. The food will disappear when hiding the synthesis interface and feeding food to Hero Cat, and then return. (Fixed)

3. Modify the UI problem: text goes out of the box (Fixed)

4. Modify the treasure chest level of light effect (Fixed)

5. After fragment synthesis, hero cats do not continue to fight (Fixed)

6. When you click on the button to purchase a hero, the button is gray and unclickable, and you are allowed to click on it only after a successful or failed purchase. (Fixed)

7. The consumption of currency after rising stars is not refreshed in a timely manner (Fixed)

8. Click to close the main stage victory settlement interface does not pop up after the general rewards interface (Fixed)

9. The interface will flash when Processing from the screen of the mining pool and switch back to the screen of battle. (Fixed)

10. The text prompt modification when the level is not reached to raise star (Fixed)

11. Synthetic food problem: the tip of parameter error will appear when you quickly dragged the food to the hero. (Fixed)

III. Participating in the game economic model system test Ruby keys giveaways

Players who participate in the closed beta next Monday will get 2 Ruby keys for free as long as the accumulated playtime is more than 6 hours.

IV. Forecast of the game new system

1. HCT contribution ranking will be online soon (Monday)

2. The game economic system model open testing (Monday)

V. Forecast of the HERO CAT MINING PET new system and activities

1.HERO CAT KEY POOL 1.0 mining system is in the final stage of development, the future MINING PET can mine HERO CAT KEY. KEYs can open exclusive treasure chests, prizes from treasure chests are abundant, KEYs can be traded in the CEX in the future.

2. HERO CAT MINING PET activity about the level of weights will be online soon. For all members who have MINING PETs, according to the MUMU/TOTO level of weights, they will have the opportunity to obtain HCT application for HERO CAT NFT hero treasure chests, detailed information to be announced officially.

3. HERO CAT system of participating in the closed beta to obtain the Ruby keys will be online soon. All members who participate in the closed beta will receive a Ruby treasure chest key. During the closed beta, players who are online for 30 minutes/day and continue for 3 days, then they will be able to get 3 more ruby keys. The red treasure chest key can open the chest to draw prizes, each time you open it, you can get a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket has a chance to get the first limited edition NFT legendary + sacred hero in the whole service.


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