16-11-2021-Update Log

Dear community members:

Hello everyone, the following is the official game and community update content today. Thank you for your continued support and understanding of the community and the game.

1.The updated contents of HERO CAT GAMEFI:

(1).Added the function of World BOSS with thousand People.

(2). Four new herocats: two normal qualities and two rare qualities.

2.HERO CAT GAMEFI optimization and BUG repair:

(1). Optimize the hero details to switch freely;

(2). Optimize the offline idle rewards UI;

(3). Optimize the automatic synthesis UI;

(4). Optimize the page after the herocats are successfully upgraded.

3.The community platform update:

The mobile version of the official airdrops event system will be launched soon. Community members need to go to the personal center to set the airdrops address for the event, and the keys for the official event in the future will be airdropped to this address uniformly. Please update and set the address for receiving the airdrops.



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