17-06-2022 Update Log

Dear Hero Cat Players,

Greetings! Thank you so much for your support of HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. The following is the announcement about our latest update.

1.The update of HEROCAT game

a. Optimization and upgrading of the Tower of Babel: Participation weight and economic model upgrade;

b. Elf card drawing system upgrade: reward adjustment.

c. Fragments system upgrade: cancel the HCT rewards in fragment zone.

d. Hero combat power optimization and upgrade: Optimize the combat power of each quality hero;

e. Game economic model upgrade;

f. Elf activation is changed to HCG+HCT+HCK+HCU payment only;

g. The lucky treasure chest equity card is changed to HCT+HCK payment only;

h. The automatic synthesis of equity card is changed to HCT+HCK payment only;

i. Offline card is changed to HCT+HCK payment only.

2.HERO CAT platform update

a. Mumu/Toto economic model is upgraded. The contract is changed, purchasing/upgrading is charged by HCT only.

b. Mumu/Toto auto upgrading payment is charged by HCT only.

c. Multi-account management charged by HCT only.

d. Referral system is removed and the new pal farm is launched.



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