17-1-2022 Update Log

Dear HEROCAT METAVERSE players, 📣📣📣

Greetings! Thank you so much for your support to HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. The following are the game updates and Events.

I. HERO CAT GAMEFI new features

  1. The new purchase method of NFT Hero chest - 100% HCT payment

  2. The 100U HCT cost of buying a hero will be converted to real-time price

II. Happy Hero Treasure Box Activity round 2

Event time: 2022/01/18 00:00-23:59 (EST)

Event Prize: Cat biscuits of levels 16-30 randomly selected (activity food)

Acquisition method: Get 5 food items for every 5 hero treasure boxes

Activity Details:

  1. Get 5 pieces of food for every 5 hero boxes. For example, get 2 food rewards for 10 hero boxes, 10 pieces of food in total.

  2. Event food grades 16-28 will be randomly distributed in the event. The Event food cannot be merged.

III. Notice of Activity Award Distribution Arrangement

Regarding the 2022 Open Beta Activity, HCK rewards will be given to users who participate in the activity and meet the conditions in batches. In this round, priority will be given to the award-winning of "buy game hero cat" and "super miner cat" HCK, which have been distributed to the BSC wallet with the airdrop address set in advance. Activity details: click to enter

HCK rewards have been distributed in this round of activities:

  1. All HCK for purchasing game hero cats have been distributed to BSC wallet

  2. All HCK for purchasing super miner cats have been distributed to BSC wallet

The rest part of HCK rewards that have not been issued in this round of activities: please wait patiently for the issuance notice

  1. The total combat power has reached the specified stage

  2. The final calculation force has reached the specified stage

  3. Combat power ranking award

  4. Award of hash power ranking list



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