17-12-2021-Update Log

📢Dear Community Members:

Hello everyone, here are the official game and community updates that are being made today. The project team has been working hard to thank all of you for your continued support and understanding of the community and the game.

HERO CAT GAMEFI updates include

✅New guild system 1.0

HERO CAT GAMEFI Guild System Introduction

⚜️1.The Introduction of Guild Level:

The levels of Guild range from Level 1 to Level 10, the Guild Level is closely related to the number of Guild members. For every 1000 members, the Guild Level increases 1 Level, and the Guild Combat Power increases by 3%.

⚜️2.The Introduction of Guild Combat Power:

The Combat Power can be used to combat in the arena and wild mining pool in the future. The individual combat power of all Guild Members influences the Guild Combat Power, which means that the higher the members’ combat power, the bonus to the Guild combat power. Meanwhile, the level of the beast is also the factor that influences the Guild Hashrate and the Guild Combat Power. The higher the level of the beast, the higher the combat power and the hashrate, and members can get more HCT/HCU/HCG when mining. (Combat power equals Hashrate)

⚜️3.The Guild Beast Level

a.Guild Beast Level range: 1 -1000

b.Guild Beast Star Level: Star1 - Star5 (The appearance of the beast will change when the Star Level is up)

c.The number of Guild beasts: There is 1 Chief Guild beast and 4 Secondary Guild beasts. The Chief Guild Beast is mainly used in mining activities, while the Secondary Guild Beast can assist the Chief Guild Beast to mine the wild mining pool.

⚜️4.The merge of high-level Guild Beast

Each Guild can earn the sacred fragments to merge the sacred beast that it wants by encouraging guild members to participate in instancing activities that could earn sacred beast fragments. The beast is classified as normal, rare, epic, and legend. Guilds can merge beasts of different qualities based on the condition of the guild. Guild members participated in the Dungeon activities to earn the beast fragments and members can own half of the fragments that they earned, while the rest half will be contributed to the guild.

⚜️5.The distribution system of Guild Mining

Each guild member will be rewarded the contribution value when they make a contribution to the guild. The contribution values of each individual guild member affect the HCT/HCU/HCG output of the guild mining pool.

⚜️6.The DAO Model of Guild System

The Guild system adopts the DAO model, which means that big events should be decided by voting. For example, when the guild president wants to kick one member out of the guild, the president needs to open a vote and have more than 51% of the guild member agree with the decision to kick the member out. Besides, the guild president should compensate the member with all USDT and HCT that the member has contributed to the guild. Guild has its own fund, with part of the mining output in the guild pool will automatically flow into the guild fund. The fund could be used in many ways, such as the level-up and the merging of the guild beast.

Note: This is a functional test of the guild system, the economic system will not be tested. All data rewarded or generated by the guild system may be modified in the furture.

⚒ Updates to the community platform

In addition to retaining the original automatic upgrade mode, another upgrade mode will be added to the official website: the daily upgrade plan mode, which users can set the amount of USDT and HCT to be used for upgrade mining pet and the plan will be executed automatically at 0:05 EST every day.



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