09-10-2021 - Update Log

Dear Community Members

Hello everyone, the following are the official game and community updates carried out today, as well as the system and event previews to be launched. The project team has been working hard, we are thankful for all members’ continued support and understanding of the community and the game.

I. HERO CAT GAMEFI, the closed beta game Content of fixing bugs and updates:

  1. The problem of loading sources for mobile devices (fixed)

  2. Preview of heroes, miners purchase interface from left to right by quality (fixed)

  3. Optimization of the leaderboard icon red dot display (fixed)

  4. Optimization of Leaderboard reward record interface (fixed)

  5. Optimized the display of the red dot of the dungeon (fixed)

  6. When the currency is insufficient, optimization of food purchase prompt text (fixed)

  7. Optimization of Boss level fragment drop (fixed)

  8. During pieces synthesis, optimization of universal name (fixed)

  9. Optimization of food auto-synthesis function (fixed)

II. Forecast of the game new system

1. Leaderboard of HCT contribution will be online soon

2. New game UI will be online soon

3. The arena system has entered the final stage of development.

III.Forecast of HERO CAT MINING PET new system and activities

1.HERO CAT KEY POOL 1.0 mining system is in the final stage of development, the future MINING PET can mine HERO CAT KEY. KEYs can open exclusive treasure chests, prizes from treasure chests are abundant, KEYs can be traded in the CEX in the future.

2. HERO CAT MINING PET activity about the level of weights will be online soon. For all members who have MINING PETs, according to the MUMU/TOTO level of weights, they will have the opportunity to obtain HCT application for HERO CAT NFT hero treasure chests, detailed information to be announced officially.

3. HERO CAT system of participating in the closed beta to obtain the Ruby keys will be online soon. All members who participate in the closed beta will receive a Ruby treasure chest key. During the closed beta, players who are online for 30 minutes/day and continue for 3 days, then they will be able to get 3 more ruby keys. The red treasure chest key can open the chest to draw prizes, each time you open it, you can get a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket has a chance to get the first limited edition NFT legendary + sacred hero in the whole service.



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