22-10-2021- Update Log

Announcement: About the description of the HCT buyback & listing on DEX🏃‍♂️
🚀Dear Hero CAT Metaverse players
First, we would like to thank all the community members who have been supporting the project. The development of the team is inseparable from the efforts of each member. The project team will start the HCT buyback activity and prepare for the HCT online decentralized exchange work. All the HCT buyback will be used as the initial liquidity pool of the decentralized exchange with 0.2 USDT as a trading pair. At the same time, the Hero Cat HCT withdrawal function will open after listing, and players can freely trade HCT on the DEX.
💰Rules of HCT buyback:
1. Price of buyback: 0.2USDT / HCT
2. The total amount of HCT buyback = 20% of the snapshot of the market HCT circulation at the time when the buyback is opened
3. The number of buybacks per community member = (snapshot of the total amount of HCT buybacks/public hashrate ) multiplies by the hashrate of community members
4. Opening time: 22th October, 24:00 (EST)
5. Time of duration : 3 days
📝Important notes:
1. This buyback activity lasts for three days. If this buyback does not complete 20% of the HCT snapshot circulation, then the buyback automatically opens a second buyback activity of the remaining HCT shares at the end of this buyback. (Total amount of second HCT buybacks = Total amount of HCT buybacks - total amount of first HCT buybacks). The amount of buyback can recalculate each player’s shares, and shares can be calculated and obtained according to the snapshot at the second buyback. According to the above, suppose the second buyback activity also does not complete the HCT snapshot circulation of 20% buyback. In that case, it will repeat after the total amount of buyback reaches 20% of the HCT snapshot circulation.
For example, the total amount of buybacks is 1,000,000 HCT, and the total amount of buybacks in 3 days is 500,000 HCT, then the total amount of the second buyback = (1,000,000 - 500,000=500,000 )
All community members can participate in this event. The total amount of buybacks for each community member is calculated in real-time. As more users join the community, the hashrate of the entire community increases and the total amount of buybacks remains the same. However, it will decrease the available buyback amount for each community member. The earlier you redeem, the greater the amount you can redeem. Please actively participate in the official buyback activities.
📷Description of snapshot:
1. Snapshot of total HCT buyback = 20% of the market HCT circulation at 24:00EST on October 22 locked time
2. Snapshot of public hashrate = Total hashrate of mining pets in the whole server at the real-time
3. Snapshot of the community members' hashrate = The hashrate of the mining pets at the real-time
HCT buyback:https://www.herocat.io/buyback