23-10-2021- Update Log

Dear Community members,

Hello every one, here are the official game and community updates today, as well as the system and activity preview to be launched. The project team has been working hard, thank you for your support and understanding of the community and the game.

HERO CAT GAMEFI, closed beta 2.0 BUG fixes and updates

  1. Hero Cat Arena (Added)

  2. New monster model and update of monster’s sound effect (Adjusted)

  3. New option to buy synthetized heroes and miner food (Added)

  4. Star display of in battle heroes and miners (Added)

  5. The red exclamation mark problem of the miner star (Fixed)

  6. Mine output record and mine data icon wrongly replaced (Fixed)

  7. Red exclamation mark problem of mine data and output records (Fixed)

  8. HCG rewards for leaderboards (Adjusted)

  9. Price of hero food (Adjusted)

II. Community HERO CAT MINING PET system adjustment

  1. It has been more than a month since a 95% maximum discount of community pets can be purchased by USDT+DCAT. We believe that most of the DCAT community members have entered the game. For the healthy development and balance of HERO CAT community and the game, we have adjusted the maximum discount to 50%. For the rest of the HERO CAT and DCAT community users who have not yet entered, please enter and play the game as soon as possible. Thanks to DCAT community members for their continued support.

  2. The buyback HCT activity has been started, The total amount of buybacks for each community member is calculated in real-time. As more users join the community, the hashrate of the entire community increases and the total amount of buybacks remains the same. However, it will decrease the available buyback amount for each community member. The earlier you redeem, the greater the amount you can redeem. Please actively participate in the official buyback activities.


Updated 23/10/2021

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