24-1-2022 Update Log

Dear community members,

Greetings! Thank you so much for your support to HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. The following is about the HERO CATD EFI 3.0 open staking announcement.

Due to the blockchain congestion of BSC and time differences, a lot of players cannot stake their LP in our DEFI 3.0 staking pool A in time. To ensure equality and fairness, the quota in the initial staking pool A changes from 1 million LP to 2 million LP. Players who missed the LP staking, please seize this opportunity!

HERO CAT DEFI 3.0 A staking pool open announcement

Open staking Time: EST 2022/01/24 16:00 Open mining time: EST 2022/01/29 24:00 Please note that the above time is the U.S. Eastern time, please correspond to the public test time according to your own location.

(1) A staking pool - mining pet hashrate equity staking pool.

The staking pool A adopts the "limited share + quota" mechanism, and the LP quota is 2 million. After the LP quota is fulfilled, other community members cannot participate in the A staking pool, and can only wait for other community members to exit the A staking pool before they can participate.

(2) Staking mode of A staking pool.

Dual token staking, add BUSD-HCT liquidity, and get LP for staking. (Liquidity service is provided by Pancake V2)

(3) Level of staking equity in A staking pool.

It is based on the level of MUMU and TOTO's hashrate to get LP shares, the higher the hashrate the more LP shares player can get, each hashrate can get 2LP staking equity, the maximum limit is 20,000LP.

(4) MUMU/TOTO APR bonus of A staking pool.

MUMU and TOTO will be added to the LP APR factor of A staking pool if their levels exceed 100, and will be upgraded with LP APR factor for every 100 levels.

(5) A staking pool APR.

The APR of the staking pool is not a constant value, the AI is calculated based on the floating price of HCT, the APR has no upper limit. The revenue will be calculated once a 24-hour EST settlement.

About DEFI3.0

1.PancakeSwap, Add liquidity for HCT+BUSD,

get LP Tutorial: Click to enter LP TOKEN

2. Participate in DEFI3.0, Staking LP, mining revenue HCT

Tutorial: Click to enter

3.DEFI3.0-A Staking pool introduction

Introduction: Click to enter

4.DFI3.0 Introduction

Introduction: Click to ente

DEFI3.0 Staking Website: Link





Greetings! Thanks for your support of HERO CAT GAMEFI. We are really grateful for your contributions and efforts. Let us work together to grow the community. The following is the updates of Christmas Event.

Christmas Event Lottery Code Arrangement:

Event Time: 2022/01/24 EST Time

Activity Rewards (NFT Heroes):

  1. Legendary Hero - Octopus(Only 1 for this event)

  2. Epic Heroes - random(Only 10 for this event)

  3. Rare Heroes - random(Only 200 for this event)

Christmas Event HCK Reward Distribution Notice:

The reward HCK from Invitation Activity and the HCK prizes from Unboxing Event will be issued to the following time: 2022/1/24 00:00 EST


1️ if the wallet of BEP20 has been set up through the "airdrop address", it has received rewards

2️ If the "airdrop address" BEP20 wallet is still not set up, please set up as soon as possible, successful submission, the system will reissue rewards to the newly set wallet

3️ airdrop address enter the setting process:

👉 Mobile login official website

👉 Login Account

👉 Personal Center

👉 Airdrop address



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