25-12-2021-Update Log

Dear Community Members:

Hello everyone, here are the official game and community updates that are being made today. The project team has been working hard to thank all of you for your continued support and understanding of the community and the game.

  1. HERO CAT GAMEFI update content:

1.1 The adjustment of the purchase of heroes of the combination of payment ratio and the number of purchases: DCAT combination payment from 80% down to 50%; HCT credit payment from 80% down to 50%, HCT combination payment daily purchase limit from 1 up to 2.

1.2 The adjustment of the level of miner cat that can be upgraded per day for each account in the Super Mine, from the original unlimited to upgrade up to 200 levels daily.

1.3 Optimize the cooldown time reminder message for creating/joining a guild.

1.4 Optimize the function of applying to join the guild.

1.5 Optimize the function of kicking people from the guild.

1.6 Optimize the guild name/ID search function.

1.7 Optimize the invitation to join the guild reminder message.

1.8 Optimize the personal ID display of the guild.

2.The updated content of the community platform:

Christmas events are now in hot process,"Christmas Invitation Reward Upgrade"

In addition to the HCT and HCK, the invitation rewards will now include an additional reward for opening the "Christmas Chest", which will give you lottery tickets to randomly draw rare, epic and legendary heroes.



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