26-1-2022 Update Log

Dear community members,

Greetings! Thank you so much for your support to HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. The following is the preview of the latest update:

The specific release time is subject to the official announcement.

I. New Dungeon of the Tower of Babel

  1. Introduction to the Tower of Babel The Tower of Babel is currently open for floors 1-500. To challenge each floor, you need to pay a challenge fee. The Tower of Babel can only challenge and clear 10 floors every day. If the challenge fails, you can continue to challenge.

  2. Tower of Babel Rewards You can get great rewards for clearing each floor of Babel, including HCT+HCG, as well as specific new hero fragments - to merge new heroes (four qualities, which can only be obtained in the Tower of Babel).

Reminder: Players are requested to ensure that their combat power is up to the standard and challenge in a smooth network environment. Once they enter the challenge dungeon, the challenge fee cannot be refunded regardless of whether the challenge succeeds or fails.

II. Newly updated Lucky treasure chest

  1. Lucky treasure chest Card The store has added a lucky treasure chest card. After the lucky treasure chest card is activated, players will randomly get a lucky number (6~12) at 00:00 (EST) every day; the lucky number represents the number of lucky treasure boxes that players will get on that day, according to lucky number players can receive the corresponding number of lucky treasure chests, and each time they open the lucky treasure chest, they need to pay 1HCT.

  2. Items in the lucky treasure chest

  3. Specific New Hero Fragments - To merge new heroes (four qualities, only available in lucky chests);

  4. Hero food (14-35 level food opened up randomly);

  5. Hero omnipotent Fragment (Four different qualities of omnipotent Fragment opened up randomly)

  6. Lucky treasure chest - Lucky Jackpot Besides, the player also gets a lucky code after opening the lucky treasure chest, which can be used to participate in the lucky draw of the month. The prizes are as follows:

  7. 1 ultimate BIG prize - 1 epic hero NFT;

  8. 50 second prizes - 1 rare hero NFT; Lucky jackpots are held once a month.

III. Newly added Hero : Premium Purple Star Hero A five-star NFT battle hero with the level of 600 can be escalated to Premium Purple Star Hero. For example, 2 five-star NFT battle heroes can be merged into a Premium Purple Star Hero.

IV. Newly added combination payment: HCU+HCT to purchase NFT battle heroes. To purchase NFT battle heros, a new combination payment of HCU+HCT is available, HCT can pay up to 50%, and 10 times per day.

V. Adjustment of HCT price for buying NFT battle heroes When purchasing an NFT battle hero via HCT payment:

  1. When the real-time price of HCT is lower than or equal to 0.2U, the price of 0.2USDT shall be converted;

  2. When the real-time price of HCT is higher than 0.2U, it is converted according to the real-time price.

  3. Hero can be purchased 20 times per day.

VI. New activity of purchasing heroes and obtaining food at the same time: Starting a new round of buying 5 heroes and giving 5 random food. The level of random food this time is 16-35.

VII. HCU buy back HCT Activity A new round of HCT buy back activity will be unleashed.This time HCU can buy back HCT and 0.2HCU can purchase 1HCT. The specific opening time will be officially announced.




Dear HERO CAT metaverse players,

Thank you for your support of the project. Greetings! Thank you so much for your support to HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. About the Christmas invitation event updating announcement.

Christmas event updating announcement:

  1. Christmas event has been finished on 2022/01/25, and the chests opening have been closed, if some players still haven't opened the chests to get the in-game items.

  2. Now we will arrange to re-shelve the Christmas event on 2022/01/27, specific details will be notified by official announcement later.

  3. Christmas event will be reopened, only for the data before the end of the event on 2022/01/25, players who still have the number of times to open chests, please open the chests in time, there is no longer reopened event for the Christmas invitation after that.

HERO CAT GAMEFI 2022/01/26

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