28-12-2021- Update Log

📣Dear Community Members,

Greetings! HEROCAT Open Beta is going to be launched! Only users with Mining Pets are eligible for our Open Beta, and users with Mining Pets can log in to our game immediately after the launch of Open Beta.

⏰Open Beta is launched on 2021/12/28 at 11:59 pm (EST)

Please note that the time is based on EST, players should convert the time according to their own time zones.


This Open Beta is to test all game functions, in order to ensure that players can have a better game experience at launch. All game data and assets in HEROCAT Open Beta will be stored. If there are unbalanced settings in HEROCAT Open Beta, related data or system might be adjusted.

HEROCAT GameFi Open Beta Updates

  1. The Guild system has not been open temporarily.

  2. The ranking list of combat power and HCT consumption will be opened within 5 hours after the launch of Open Beta.

  3. Arena and Arena ranking list will be opened within 24 hours after the launch of Open Beta.

  4. In addition to paying a certain amount of HCG and HCT, HCU is needed when merging Hero Cats, summoning Hero Cats, and Ranking up Hero/Miner Cats.

  5. A new interface for receiving the official event rewards has been added. Due to the huge amount of rewards, delays might occur. Please be patient.




Dear community members.

Dear HERO CAT Metaverse players, thank you for your support to the project, in order to give you a better experience and smoothly running open beta test, the project team decided to upgrade the game side chain, the upgrading time of the side chain will take some time. At the same time, in order to community members can experience the full amount of game dual mining bonus, the open beta test will be delayed as the following time, sincerely appericate for your understanding.

The time of the open beta test will be changed to: 2021/12/29 23:59(EST)

Please note that the above time is the U.S. Eastern time, please correspond to the time of the public test according to your own location.

For the delayed compensation of open beta test

After the open beta test, all the community users who logged in the open beta test game can get 1HCK air drop.



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