29-10-2021- Update Log

Dear Community members,

Hello every one, here are the official game and community updates today, as well as the system and activity preview to be launched. The project team has been working hard, thank you for your support and understanding of the community and the game.

I. HERO CAT GAMEFI, closed beta 2.0 BUG fixes and updates:

  1. Hero summoning function (Fixed)

  2. The hero (miner) operation of up and down (Optimized)

  3. The hero (miner) list display (Optimized)

  4. Login and loading page (Optimized)

  5. Display when opening higher level food (Fixed)

  6. Problem of long time knockout skill (Fixed)

  7. Problem of updating player information in the arena (Fixed)

  8. Problem of disappearing opponents when entering the arena in the boss stage (Fixed)

  9. Display text incorrect problem for English version of the individual button (Fixed)

II. Updated content of the Green chest event:

Regarding the current Green Treasure Chest event, it will be officially closed on November 15, 2021 at 23:59:59 EST time. Please go to the official Green chest event page as soon as possible to get keys and open chests. After the deadline, Keys (Hero Key) will not be available. In the future, new common Keys will be used, please stay turned and pay attention to the official website for future event updates.


Updated 29th Oct

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